Plagued: The Rock Island Zombie Counteractant Experiment (Plagued States of America #2) by Better Hero Army

The Rock Island Zombie Counteractant Experiment (Plagued #2)The Rock Island Zombie Counteractant Experiment by Better Hero Army
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Army Ranger Lieutenant Mason Jones has pulled a red card and sent to finish the remaining months of his duty in a facility where zombies are being kept and experimented on. Everyone at the island has something they’ve done in their past to be sent to such a place as a punishment. When he gets put on the graveyard shift cleaning the zombie cells things immediately start going wrong.

I think if I were rating the series as a whole it would get a better rating. But that being said this book on it’s own just leaves too many questions to score a good rating for me. It started off really well with building the setting, establishing Mason as a character and giving hints to a deeper plot. The problem was that everything ended up rushed through to an end that seemed to leave a lot up in the air.

The length of the book may have been it’s biggest downfall. Too many extra background items being added in with Mason’s past, his purpose of being sent and Dr. Kennedy that didn’t get expanded upon for a short book. The overall action in the book seemed to be a bit predictable too so I was hoping for more to the plot than what I ended up with.

A quick read that gives an interesting new look into the zombie epidemic but would probably be better if picking up the other books in the series at the same time.

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