The End of the Rainbow (Hudson #4) by V.C. Andrews

The End of the Rainbow (Hudson, #4)The End of the Rainbow by V.C. Andrews
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the end of the Hudson series and told from Rain’s daughter’s perspective when she’s turned 16. Not the worse I’ve ever read but the story seems to get repetitive as now we deal with a whole new storyline that seems to focus mainly on metal illness. It was one thing when the Hudson family seemed to have one member after another with issues in the earlier books as you’d think ok, it ran in the family but here we have new characters not related and still the same old issues.

I’d also suggest to the Andrews family that maybe it’s time to hire a ghostwriter that can bring the stories into this century as it all seems so outdated at times. The internet is referenced in the story like it’s just been invented and practically unheard of and reading it in the day and age that most people carry smart phones is somewhat laughable.

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