Fumbled by Lizzi Stone blitz with giveaway

Lizzi Stone

(A Chesapeake Commanders Novel, #1)
Publication date: January 11th 2022
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance, Sports

Hawk Florence has always been the football star, the guy that can make any girl fall in love with him- and then break their heart. And that’s exactly what he did to me way back in high school. Now I’ve been assigned to do a puff piece on him for a national sports journal, and I’m more than ready to get my revenge.

The plan is simple. First, sit him down and flatter the shit out of him. Laugh at his crappy jokes. Touch his arm, let it linger. When he asks me out, I’ll flutter my eyelashes and shyly accept. Then, make him fall in love. And devour him. I’m ready. I won’t fail. But there’s one thing that I didn’t plan for: he doesn’t ask me out. Instead, he calls me out on my BS. He’s not wrong, but that’s just one of the ways that my plan has already gone terribly wrong before it even begins.

When he does finally ask me out, it isn’t much of a date. Instead, it’s a few agonizing hours of going back and forth about why we hate each other. But there is one interesting thing that came out of our brief time together: the bet that Hawk makes with me- that he will make me fall in love in 3 weeks, in love for real. If he fails, he’ll give me every exclusive for the season. Of course, I accept. Why wouldn’t I? This will help my career, and it’s not like he has a prayer anyway. This jerk broke my heart in high school, and there’s no way that I will fall for the same trick twice. Or will I?

All bets are off when it comes to the heart. Fumbled is a standalone sports romcom that will make you wonder what to do when love- and football- gives you a second chance….

Other books in the series (so far):

Sacked- Chase’s book

Tackled- Bam’s book

Huddled- Ollie’s book

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“How do I look?” I smiled brilliantly, and batted my eyelashes.

“Like you’re ready to knock off his socks and shoes and leave him to walk home on his bare-ass feet,” Grace replied, as only a best friend can.

“I was going for ‘crawling home on hands and knees, ’but it will do,” I joked. Okay, half joked. I wanted him to look at me. Really look at me, like he hadn’t in high school. Maybe it was petty. I was doing well for myself. I worked at National Daily magazine’s headquarters here in Norfolk. I owned the part of my apartment the bank didn’t own, which was approximately a fingertip of space in the bathroom. Maybe the whole toilet. I didn’t need to impress any guy.

Any but this one.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you?” Grace picked up the lipstick tube and slipped it into my bag.

“In case I get tongue-tied?” I asked. “What’s the worst that could happen?” All right, I might march in and declare myself to be the proud owner of a toilet. I’m pretty sure even I wouldn’t be that awkward.

Author Bio:

Lizzi Stone is the pen name for two USA Today Bestselling authors who love sports, sexy men, strong women and coffee, lots and lots of coffee! For giveaways, new releases and deals follow Lizzi on Facebook @lizzistoneauthor.

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Cover Reveal: Fetish by Anonymous

Published by: Entangled: Amara
Publication date: October 25th 2022
Genres: Erotica, Romance

Discover your new favorite fetish in this titillating collection of ten erotic stories, guaranteed to satisfy even your most secret desires. From the sweetly romantic to the sublimely taboo, each provocative story offers a different experience for you to explore…over and over again.

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Triple Threat by K. Webster blitz with giveaway

Triple Threat
K. Webster
Published by: Dangerous Press
Publication date: January 11th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Reverse Harem, Romance

I’m a prisoner in a prestigious world.

A perfect princess locked in a tower.

My father will never let me go.

Not that I could leave. I would never abandon my little sister. Hope comes in the form of a devilishly handsome man with dark eyes and darker secrets.

With each encounter, I’m lured deeper into the labyrinth. The danger lurking beneath his surface calls to me, even as it warns me away.

Except there’s a new side of him every time we meet. A different danger each time we touch. It’s as if three different men want to devour me.

He’s not just one villain. He’s three.

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“You know,” Ford says, smirking as he sidles up beside me in the hallway after our second class of the day, “I could give you a ride.”

“You’re a perv.”

He laughs, the sound warming parts of me I’d never known existed. “Technically, you’re the perv. I meant an actual ride. In my car. Not on my cock.”

The mention of Ford’s cock has a flood of heat coursing through me. I elbow him hard in his side and storm ahead of him. Based on his stupid laughter, I’d say he’s enjoying tormenting me.

You enjoy it too…

I don’t let myself dwell on that thought for too long.

A heavy, muscled arm wraps around my shoulders as Ford catches up. He’s so touchy-feely. I hate that I barely know the guy and my body responds as though he’s familiar to me.

I roll my eyes but don’t shake him off. For a second, I can pretend I’m a normal college-aged woman with a good-looking guy who’s interested in her. There aren’t controlling, abusive fathers or little sisters who need looking after. There isn’t pressure or stress or drama.

Several people glance at us as we walk by. I’m not sure what’s drawing their attention. My money’s on the sexy beast of a man who seems to be staking a claim on me. A flutter in my chest indicates just how much I like that idea.

Which is completely dumb.

I can allow myself a friend, but nothing more. Not when there’s so much at stake. Blatantly going against Dad’s expressed wishes at having me date someone in his power circle would be the worst possible thing I could do. Not only could he backtrack and keep me from attending college, he might somehow punish Della with his anger.

I’m feeling quite somber and dismayed that it takes me a second to realize we’ve stopped and Ford is speaking to me.

“This is the part where you’re supposed to be impressed,” he grumbles, waving his hand toward a sleek vehicle. “Seriously. We can’t be friends if you won’t even acknowledge my baby.”

He’s pouting.

Over a dumb car.

For some reason, this amuses me. It is, in fact, a gorgeous car, but the fact I haven’t gushed over its beauty and he’s pouting about it, has a bubble of laughter escaping. One attempt at smothering my giggling leads to an unladylike snort, which has me erupting with more laughter.

Ford releases me, muttering under his breath, and hits the fob. I bite on my bottom lip to contain my cackling. He flings open the door and gestures in overemphasis as if to prove the inside is just as pretty. It’s the look of pure exasperation on his face that has me losing it again.

“You’re a real bitch, Laundry,” he grits out, though there’s no real venom in his tone. “No one’s ever laughed at my car before.”

“You said I was different and you were right. I bet you’re rethinking making me your friend.” I arch a brow at him now that the giggling has faded. “See you around, Chevy.”

His maple syrup eyes slowly peruse down my body, lazily drinking up every detail of me. I try not to squirm but when someone like Ford Mann is practically devouring you, it’s hard not to.

“Let me take you home,” he urges, his voice dropping several octaves and managing to reverberate through me. “I’ll go slow.”

The fire in his eyes says he’s talking about more than just a ride in his car. He’s talking about the ride of my life. All I’d have to do is give in.

Gravel crunches behind me and a sleek, black Mercedes SUV pulls up. I recognize Trey, one of Dad’s drivers, sitting behind the wheel. Time to go.

“My ride’s here.” I motion toward the Mercedes. “Maybe some other time.”

Like never.


Ford peels his stare from me to give Trey a once-over. When his eyes find their way back to mine, they’re harder than before and glint with something almost calculating. The warmth between us is snuffed out and a chill works its way down my spine.

“Goodbye, Ford.”

“See you soon.” He winks at me but the action is almost taunting. “That’s a promise.”

Author Bio:

K Webster is a USA Today Bestselling author. Her titles have claimed many bestseller tags in numerous categories, are translated in multiple languages, and have been adapted into audiobooks. She lives in “Tornado Alley” with her husband, two children, and her baby dog named Blue. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and researching aliens.

You can easily find K Webster on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads!

Can’t find a certain book? Maybe it’s too hot for Amazon! Don’t worry because titles like Bad Bad Bad, This is War, Baby, The Wild, and Hale can all be found for sale on K’s website in both ebook and paperback format.

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Thug by Leslie Georgeson blitz with giveaway

Leslie Georgeson
Something Real, #3
Publication date: January 11th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Mafia, Romance, Suspense

She’s the wife of my archenemy. My chance for revenge. Could she also be my heart’s salvation?


I have three simple rules. Put family and the bratva first. Show no weakness. Never bend.

Then Siena Russo explodes into my life, knocking me off my feet. And I forget all my rules. Siena is witty and kind with an inner strength befitting a Mafia queen. My dream girl in the flesh.

It is all smooth going but for one giant hurdle. She is the wife of my archenemy, Salvatore Romano. Prince of the Italian Mafia.

Siena is in a fix, but if I help her, I will violate the Mafia truce. Crossing the ruthless Romanos means certain death.

Sal wronged me once, and I was forced to let it go. To protect my family and keep the peace.

Now is my chance to get even. Save Siena and steal Sal’s wife. Revenge is sweet but complicated. How do I choose between love and family?

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“There’s movement at the gate,” Adrik announced, drawing all our gazes.

We were parked across the street from the address Siena had texted me, having only just arrived moments ago.

We’d shown up just in time.

Sal’s property was fenced like most of the fancy homes in the area, and while we watched, the gate opened, and two vehicles emerged: a Tahoe and a sedan.

My gut said Siena was in that Tahoe, probably with Sal.

“Follow them,” I ordered. “But stay back. Don’t let them see you.”

Once the vehicles rounded the corner, Adrik pulled away from the curb and followed.

It was nearly five a.m. now, and the streets were empty, which made it easy to follow them. We stayed back so they wouldn’t get suspicious, and about fifteen minutes later, they turned into the Romano estate in Beverly Hills.

Dom’s gaze darted to mine. “If she’s in one of those cars and they take her inside, our chances of getting her out are slim.”

Enzo Romano’s property was like a fortress, much like the Popov mansion. He had thugs guarding it from all sides, not to mention the security fence that we would have to get past without alerting the guards. Odds of us getting inside undetected were slim to none.

Adrik pulled the car over several houses away and waited for my instructions.

I ground my jaw. We didn’t have enough manpower with us tonight to take on the Romanos. We shouldn’t even be here. I had put everyone in this car in danger just by being this close to the Romano estate. To venture any closer would be suicide. His men shot first and asked questions later.

I dragged a hand down my face. We had no choice but to back off for now. We would have to wait for another opportunity to free Siena.

“Fuck!” I slammed my fist into the back of Timofey’s seat, startling him. “Fuuuuck!”

Tension filled the car. We all watched in silence as the gate opened and the two vehicles drove inside the property.

I bowed my head, not wanting to admit defeat. Hundreds of scenarios flashed through my mind of ways Sal might torture Siena. In that moment, I was reminded of what the son-of-a-bitch had done to Cara, and my stomach heaved.

Be strong, Siena. Don’t let him break you. I’ll get you out of there as soon as I can.

“Now what, boss?” Adrik asked, eyeing me in the rearview mirror.

Heaving out a long sigh, I lifted my head.

“Now, we wait.”

Author Bio:

Leslie Georgeson writes romance and suspense, sometimes with a dash of sci-fi or paranormal tossed in to make things more interesting. She is the author of the popular military romantic suspense series, THE DREGS, which was nominated for the 2018 TopShelf Indie Book Awards. Her other titles include the UNLIKELY HEROES series, the UNDERNEATH series, the standalone romantic mystery, NO SON OF MINE, and the newly released romantic suspense duet, THE PACT. Book one, The Mocking Man, is now available on Amazon.

Leslie lives with her husband and daughter on a quiet country acreage in Idaho. She is currently working on The Honest Liar, the second book in THE PACT, and anticipates an early May 2020 release.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Newsletter


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Coerced: A Dubcon Anthology blitz with giveaway

Coerced: A Dubcon Anthology
Publication date: January 18th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

If you can’t get what you want then take it with force.

That’s the motto that these individuals live by.

Captivated by the darkness inside them, they don’t take no for an answer.

Their desire is all-encompassing.

Their needs are overwhelming.

There’s a thin line between villain and hero but these master manipulators will stop at nothing to claim what is theirs.

Coerced is an extremely limited dubcon anthology of addictive stories from a collection of USA Today and bestselling authors.

All proceeds will go to The Joyful Heart Foundation, who’s mission is a world free of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. You can read more about what they do here: https://www.joyfulheartfoundation.org

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