Dragon Chains by Becca Brayden and Grace Goodwin blitz with giveaway

Dragon Chains
Becca Brayden & Grace Goodwin
Publication date: September 24th 2021
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Dangerous. Tortured. Desperate. King Ryker of the Draquonir will make one last sacrifice to save his people and his kingdom before he loses control of the raging beast inside him. Dragon kind are dwindling, no longer able to hunt for their true mates in this contemporary, high-tech world.

Ryker must do something no dragon has ever done before; have a child with a human woman he has no desire to touch, a woman his dragon refuses to take as a mate. Arrangements have been made. A queen chosen. A loveless, chaste marriage of convenience. No passion. No dragonfire. Nothing but contracts and medical procedures to sire an heir. This is the only way his race will survive.

Katy Toure is tired of cleaning up her identical twins messes, but when her sister calls in a panic, unable to get to an important business meeting worth millions of dollars, Katy just cant say no. All Katy has to do is walk out of her dead-end job, grab her sisters passport, fly to Italy, pretend to be her sister for a few days, sign some contracts and take the vacation shes always dreamed about.

No one will know shes an imposter. No one ever knows.

But Katy has never tried to fool a dragon who scents his mate..

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Buona sera, mia regina. May I join you for a drink?”

The deep voice came from a man standing next to her and Katy tore her attention from the dancing couple to look up. And up.

Their gazes locked and Katy forgot to breathe. She flushed with pleasure. Excitement. The fantasy sex god had arrived as if on cue. And hed just called her something his, she knew at least that much Italian. Her toes curled. Her nipples hardened into tight, aching pebbles. Desire bolted through her body as the air nearly crackled with sexual tension. Out of all the hot, single Italian women in the club, he singled her out. Picked her. A glance to the side showed at least half a dozen women glaring daggers at her. She didnt care.

Yes. I mean, sì, signore.” Katys voice took on a husky sound shed never heard before. But then, shed never been this aroused by just looking at a man either. Sex god might be an understatement. He was gorgeous. Perfect. His smell…

God, his smell.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes as his cologne surrounded her and made her body burn. Her breasts grew heavy and her panties were instantly soaked with desire.

She wanted more. She wanted to bury her nose in his neck and nibble on his skin. Rub herself all over him. Absorb him. Mark him somehow, as hers.

Im going crazy.” She whispered the words to herself but didnt open her eyes. Not yet. Not when she could still taste his scent on her tongue and her body was on fire. She needed to gain control of herself. Calm down.

He slid into the seat next to her and placed his hand, palm up, in the center of the table. A blatant invitation.

Katy didnt want to resist. She needed to touch him. She slid her hand into his and gasped as heat filled her entire body. Raw lust. Desire. It was like shed fallen into a hot bath and her mind went blank. All she could think about was kissing him the way the couple on the dance floor had been kissing. Pressing her body to his. Feeling his strong hands grip her hips. Melting into his heat. Reveling in his scent as it enveloped her.

Dance with me.”

Katys heart pounded in her chest. The club was loud, the music thumping. She shouldnt have been able to hear his quietly spoken words, but his voice was so deep it carried straight to her ears, vibrated through her body and set her core to throbbing. His English was perfect, the accent exotic. Sexy. Not quite like the other Italians shed spoken with while shopping. She couldnt quite place it. Didnt care. Yes.”

Katy allowed Ryker to lead her onto the dance floor. As the music pounded around them he pulled her in close. She went readily into his arms, her body suddenly pliant, melting into his strength. He growled low, pulling her in even closer. Molding her body to his. He bent his head slowly toward her, allowing her time to resist. She wanted this. Wanted his lips on hers. Without conscious thought, her gaze grew slumberous, her long, dark lashes swept down to cover her eyes as she waited breathlessly for his kiss.

His lips were pure fire. Heat flowed through her like nothing shed ever felt before as he conquered her mouth with his own, his large frame folding around her until she felt like they were the only two people in the world. Shed read novels where one kiss made a woman forget her own name but had never experienced it. Until now.


Hmmm?” His response sounded as drunk on desire as she felt. They had melted into one body, one being, and she clung to him without shame or hesitation. She moved with him on the dance floor, the music barely registering. He moved, so she moved. His scent filled her lungs, made her feel like she was a wild thing and somehow, he belonged to her now. Was hers to do with as she wished.

Was this pure lust? Pheromones? Chemistry?

Katy couldnt help herself. She wanted more.

Author Bio:

Becca Brayden spends her days writing and her nights dreaming up her next hot adventure with even hotter alien hunks. A Colorado native, she has lived in New Zealand, Florida, Alabama, Kansas and loves to travel in direct proportion to how much she hates to cook. Chocolate makes her happy, licorice makes her cringe, and despite the cult following – she hates pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice lattes. (More for you!) Natural wanderlust has given her a deep love for Mediterranean food and a bookshelf filled with everything from philosophy to sexy romance.

She believes that if we are to save our great planet and all its amazing inhabitants, we must put aside our differences and collectively work together!!

You can catch her enjoying a cup of hot cocoa at her website http://www.BeccaBrayden.com

Author links:

Website / Goodreads / Facebook

Grace Goodwin is a USA Today and international bestselling author of Sci-Fi and Paranormal romance with nearly one million books sold. Grace’s titles are available worldwide in multiple languages in ebook, print and audio formats. Two best friends, one left-brained, the other right-brained, make up the award-winning writing duo that is Grace Goodwin. They are both mothers, escape room enthusiasts, avid readers and intrepid defenders of their preferred beverages. (There may or may not be an ongoing tea vs. coffee war occurring during their daily communications.) Grace loves to hear from readers.


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The Post Box at the North Pole by Jaimie Admans #bookreview #contemporary #romance #holiday #Christmas

Title: The Post Box at the North Pole

Author: Jaimie Admans

Publisher:  HQ Digital

Publication Date: October 18, 2021

My rating: 4 1/2 stars

About the book:

Dear Santa, I wish I could believe in magic again.
From, Sasha Hansley.

Sasha Hansley hates Christmas. As a child, it was her favourite time of year, but ever since the tragic death of her mother, it has completely lost its magic.

But when she gets an unexpected phone call from her eccentric estranged father, she’s forced to dust off her snow boots.

He has been running a Lapland style Christmas village in Norway and after suffering a heart attack, he is on strict doctor’s orders to slow down. Eager to reconnect with her dad, Sasha books the next flight out there. Only she has never actually been on a plane before, let alone to the Arctic Circle.

Met at the runway by drop-dead-gorgeous Taavi Salvesen, they sleigh ride through the snow with the Northern Lights guiding their way.

When Sasha uncovers sacks of unopened Santa mail – letters that children and adults from all over the world write to Santa every year – she realises that she can send a little bit of magic out into the world by replying to some of them.

With Taavi on hand to help, will Sasha rediscover her own excitement for Christmas and find love among the letters?

The Post Box at the North Pole is like one big romantic mug of hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and a splash of Christmas magic! Fans of Holly Martin, Sarah Morgan and Heidi Swain will love this novel!

The Post Box at the North Pole by Jaimie Admans is a standalone Christmas contemporary romance novel. In this story Sasha Hansley is a bit of a grinch when it comes to Christmas these days with that feeling starting after the loss of her mother. Sasha’s father at that point decided to travel the globe leaving his daughter alone every holiday.

One day Sasha gets a call from her father asking her to come to northern Norway to help him recover from a heart attack. Sasha of course agrees but plans to go to bring her father home with her and sell his property in Norway. Once the plane lands a man, Taavi,  waits for Sasha at the airport her father has sent and much to Sasha’s surprise intends for them to travel by dog sled.

Sasha can’t get over how remote her father’s property actually is and is even more surprised to see it’s some kind of Christmas village. Taavi is running a reindeer rescue and helping her father with his rental cabins and property.  Sasha still plans to sell but she soon finds herself caught up in all the letters to Santa and trying to help.

I have read a few other books by Jaimie Admans so I had a feeling of what to expect going into this one and at the top of my list was how she manages to bring her settings to life. For the time I spend reading this story I could just imagine the village and the Northern lights perfectly. Everything going on in the story kept the pages turning as I settled in and began to love the characters. There was just one little part that I questioned but overall I had this one at four and a half stars and really enjoyed the Christmas magic.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

Find this book online: 

Goodreads  /   Amazon*

About the author:

Jaimie is a 36-year-old English-sounding Welsh girl with an awkward-to-spell name. She lives in South Wales and enjoys writing, gardening, and drinking tea, although she’s seriously considering marrying her coffee machine. She loves autumn and winter, and singing songs from musicals despite the fact she’s got the voice of a dying hyena. She hates spiders, hot weather, and cheese & onion crisps. She spends far too much time on Twitter and owns too many pairs of boots.
She will never have time to read all the books she wants to read.

She is the author of several romantic comedies for HarperCollins – The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters, The Little Wedding Island, It’s a Wonderful Night, The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea, Snowflakes at the Little Christmas Tree Farm, The Little Bookshop of Love Stories, The Wishing Tree Beside the Shore, The Little Christmas Shop on Nutcracker Lane, and The Post Box at the North Pole.

Find out more on http://www.jaimieadmans.com or Twitter @be_the_spark

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The One and Only Crystal Druid by Annette Marie blitz with giveaway

The One and Only Crystal Druid
Annette Marie
(The Guild Codex: Unveiled, #1)
Published by: Dark Owl Fantasy Inc.
Publication date: September 24th 2021
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy

Im not your average girl.

My best friend is my switchblade. My favorite hobby is using it on the cruel, the abusive, and anyone who gets on my bad side. Im a convicted murderer with a chip on my shoulder and a dangerous lack of restraint.

And then theres Zak.

His rap sheet makes mine look tame. The bounty on his head is worth more money than Ill ever make, and the deadly fae that shadow his every step wield more power than Ill ever know.

Hes the Crystal Druid, and his first mistake was setting foot on my turf.

His second was saving my life.

And his final mistake will be failing to realize that however dark, however ruthless, however broken he is…

Im worse.

From the author of the best-selling Guild Codex books comes a new series that delves into the dark, dangerous world of druids and fae alongside two ravaged souls who may be exactly what the other needs…if they dont destroy each other first.

Unveiled can be read as a standalone series or in conjunction with other Guild Codex series. For the full reading order, visit Annette Maries website.

More series in the Guild Codex world:

The Guild Codex: Spellbound

The Guild Codex: Demonized

The Guild Codex: Warped

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When my attention landed on him, he strode toward me, his long legs eating up the ground and coat billowing out behind him. Stopping almost on top of me, he reached down as though to take my elbow—and seized the front of my jacket.

I grabbed his wrist as he roughly hauled me onto my tiptoes, bringing my face close to his. Despite the moonlight and forgotten flashlights illuminating the clearing, the interior of his hood was filled with unnatural darkness.

Rkr watched us from his lofty perch, pale blue eyes gleaming.

That was quite the scene I came in on,” the man rumbled in a low, dangerous tone. What do you know about that bear fae?”

I stared into his hood.

A rough sound grated from his throat. You dont seem to be grasping the situation. Tell me what you know before I lose patience.”

I smiled, showing my teeth. Was that a threat?” “What do you think?”

My smile widened, and I lifted my empty hand toward his face. Itll take more than a hood and a threat to scare me, especially when”—I pushed his hood back—“Ive already seen your face.”

The shadows fell away, revealing his countenance again. Inhumanly vibrant green eyes, framed by dark lashes, fixed on mine, his eyebrows lowered with menace. A beautiful face, if I were honest. Striking cheekbones, a strong jaw, full mouth—currently pressed into a thin, angry line. By my best guess, he was in his mid-twenties, maybe a bit older.

My palm brushed against his clean-shaven cheek as I let his hood fall—and with the same motion, I flicked my hand, pulling my switchblade from my jacket sleeve. The blade sprang free, and in an instant, I had the point resting against the corner of his left eye.

But not fast enough.

A cold, thin edge pressed against my left cheek. I didnt break eye contact to see what sort of weapon he had in my face, but the blade felt sharp—sharper than my little knife.

Neither of us moved, his fist tight around the front of my jacket. If either of our hands wobbled, wed both bleed.

His right eyebrow arched slightly. How do you want to play this?”

Let go of me.”

I dont think so.”

I stab you, you stab me,” I suggested frostily. My cheek is more likely to heal than your eye.”


He wouldnt let me go and he wouldnt play knife-chicken. What was left? Then Ill answer your question if you answer one of mine.”

His full mouth thinned again, green eyes raking across me. Fine.”

His agreement surprised me until I realized he expected to win this game too. He thought Id reveal more with my answers than he would with his.

Not likely.

Who the hell are you?” I demanded.

Answer my question first.”

You first. Who are you?”

He growled under his breath. The Crystal Druid.”

Surprise flushed through me, and I couldnt stop my eyelids from flickering with a single, startled blink. He was a druid?

Now,” he rumbled, tell me what you know about that bear and the other aggressive fae in this area.” “I dont know anything.”

His blade pressed painfully into my cheek. This little game doesnt work if you lie.”

Im not lying.”

Then youre an idiot. Every fae across the lower mainland is talking about the attacks and disappearances around here.”

Fascinating, but this is the first Ive heard of it.”

Arent you a witch?”

Yes, but a terrible one.”

His striking green eyes narrowed. Terrible in what way?”

Ignoring his question, I shifted my blade ever so slightly, ensuring he couldnt miss the sharp point in his peripheral vision. My turn again. Why are you here?”

The fae—”

Yes, yes, the attacks. But why do you care about some aggressive fae?” I arched my eyebrows, though my bangs probably hid them. What are you hoping to gain, Crystal Druid?”

Author Bio:

Annette Marie is the best-selling author of The Guild Codex, an expansive collection of interwoven urban fantasy series ranging from thrilling adventure to hilarious hijinks to heartrending romance. Her other works include YA urban fantasy series Steel & Stone, its prequel trilogy Spell Weaver, and romantic fantasy trilogy Red Winter.

Her first love is fantasy, but fast-paced adventures and tantalizing forbidden romances are her guilty pleasures. She lives in the frozen winter wasteland of Alberta, Canada with her husband and their furry minion of darkness. When not writing, she can be found elbow-deep in one art project or another while blissfully ignoring all adult responsibilities.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


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Walk on the Wilder Side by Serena Bell blitz with giveaway

Walk on the Wilder Side
Serena Bell
(Wilder Adventures, #2)
Publication date: September 23rd 2021
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance

His best friends sister is rocking his boat. In the best way possible.

Brody: Whats a bad boy doing hosting a book club? Excellent question. All I can tell you is, its not going well. I forgot the bug wipes, the extra TP, and the hand sanitizer, were out of wine, and… well, I may have made some people angry, if the reviews are any indication. The only way to dig myself out of this hole is to redeem myself by offering the best girlsnights out in town.

Enter my best friends sister. Ive gone out of my way to avoid Rachel, since despite her good-girl rep, I cant seem to get her out of my head. Now shes in my boat… and if I dont watch myself, soon shell be in my bed. Things are going surprisingly well between us… but I know myself, and Im not this guy. Im the guy you want for fantasy fulfillment, not the guy you want for forever.

But what if I need this time to be different?

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Connor paces back and forth a few times along the side of the boat, then slaps a hand on his thigh. ”I have an idea.”

Whats that?”

My moms got this new business. One of those sell-out-of-your home things. Beauty stuff, like body wash and perfume and shit. She does these girlsnight parties. Women love them. My mom cant keep up with all the requests. I bet that would work for your boat. And my mom coordinates the food and wine and everything. You could redeem yourself without having to personally kiss a lot of ass. They do the party, you just supply the location.”

Huh. I dont hate the idea.

Youd still have to buy TP,” he says, always practical. And not forget the bug wipes.”

I can totally handle that much. Jesus, that sounds like a fucking dream. Im all over that.”

The only thing is, my mom broke her foot, so I dont know about the whole boat thing.”

Well, shit,” I say. Howd she do that?”

Stepped off the curb wrong in town, twisted it in the storm grate.”

I wince. That sucks.”

Yeah. But she said she was maybe going to ask Rachel to help her out, so I guess Rachel could do it.”

You know the buzzer sound that signals the end of, well, anything? Thats the sound that just zapped through my brain.

Wait, Rachels home?”

I try to make it sound like, The Ducks have the early game?” or You up for grabbing a pizza and a couple of beers?” but it still comes out sounding more like my sixteen-year-old self than Id like.

Luckily Connor doesnt pick up on the fact that I just insta-reverted to my teenage years. Yeah. Some shit hit the fan for her and shes regrouping.”

Rachel is Connors younger sister. Her hair is long and thick and not-quite-black. Her skin is a warm, light brown. She has dark brown eyes and a mouth that, in recent years, has made me think about blow jobs.

Okay, who am I kidding? Her mouth has made me think about blow jobs for way longer than I want to admit.

Its the lower lip. Its full and sulky and she licks it when shes nervous. Im not sure whether its the peek of tongue or the glossy sheen left behind that drives me so wild, but there you have it.

My life plan, since late high school, has been to avoid Rachel Perez at all costs, because that lip—her whole mouth, in fact—no, make that everything about her, inside and out—feels like a clear and present danger.

It is a threat to my sanity and, more urgently, to my friendship with Connor.

However, because life is what happens when youre busy making plans, Rachel is everywhere.

She saw me last month when Len Dix taunted me in Oscars Saloon & Grill and I punched his lights out. She doesnt even live here; she just happened to be in town from the East Coast to visit her mother. They were taking a family ski trip for her moms birthday.

And now she is, possibly, the only thing standing between me and a simple solution to my business problem.

Because I dont think my sanity would survive being alone on a boat with Rachel.

Do you really think Gabe would kick you out of the family business?” Connor asks.

Right. In corner one, we have the threat to my sanity from Rachel Perez. And in corner two, we have the threat to my livelihood and family life from Gabe Wilder.

Author Bio:

USA Today bestselling author Serena Bell writes contemporary romance with heat, heart, and humor. A former journalist, Serena has always believed that everyone has an amazing

story to tell if you listen carefully, and you can often find her scribbling in her tiny garret office, mainlining chocolate and bringing to life the tales in her head.

Serenas books have earned many honors, including an RT ReviewersChoice Award, Apple Books Best Book of the Month, and Amazon Best Book of the Year for Romance.

When not writing, Serena loves to spend time with her college-sweetheart husband and two hilarious kiddos—all of whom are incredibly tolerant not just of Serenas imaginary friends but also of how often she changes her hobbies and how passionately she embraces the new ones. These days, its stand-up paddle boarding, board-gaming, meditation, and long walks with good friends.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook Page / Facebook Group / Twitter / Instagram / Newsletter


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On Board by Jay Hogan blitz with giveaway

On Board
Jay Hogan
(Painted Bay, #2)
Publication date: September 23rd 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance

Leroy Madden is in trouble. Big, handsome, Fox Carmody trouble.

Leroy has buried his attraction to the enigmatic fisherman in irritation and pointless bickering, keeping Fox at a safe distance. But with the troublesome man now living in Leroys house, its becoming impossible for Leroy to keep his true feelings hidden, or the fact that Leroy isnt so straight, after all.

Leroy hungers for something different between them. He wants more. But Leroys business is struggling, his newly mended relationship with his brother is at risk, Fox doesnt plan to stay, and their mothers are lovers.

Regardless of what Leroys heart so desperately wants, his entire world is at stake, and nothing about a relationship with Fox Carmody was ever going to be easy.

Goodreads / Amazon*


I stole a sideways glance to where Fox lounged in the passenger seat of my Hilux, his interested gaze soaking up the countryside. The worst of the Monday morning traffic was behind us and the driving was easy, not that youd know it by my white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel.

Sister Sledge streamed through the speakers, Foxs fingers tapping away on one thickly muscled thigh wrapped in tight stonewashed denim. A fashionable rip mocked me from just above the knee, revealing the faintest glimpse of tanned skin and short dark hair, not that I was looking.

Yeah, right. I was soaking that shit up like sugar in hot coffee.

The universe was definitely fucking with me. Well, that and my mother whod arrived for Sunday lunch with a surprisingly edible peach cobbler and what she called the best idea everfor me to give Fox a lift into Whangarei the next day since I was already going. He wanted to check out some boats, but his car was still waiting on parts.

Fucking wonderful. Why he couldnt wait for his own vehicle to be fixed wasnt a question I was prepared to ask based on my mothers I-dare-you look. Id caved and agreed.

I couldve killed her. And by the constipated look on Foxs face at her suggestion, I was pretty sure he felt the same. It had been a long, long weekend and entirely my own damn fault. Other than forced interaction at work, rugby training, and Sunday lunch, Id avoided Fox at all costs, and hed been good enough to play along and pretend he hadnt noticed, other than a notable drop in temperature whenever he looked my way. I could hardly blame him for that. If only he knew that my epic arseholery stemmed from lust and not disgust.

And the Academy Award for epically fucking yourself goes to . . . yeah. Enough said.

Note to self: dont get tipsy around the guy. Without the benefit of way too many beers, we wouldnt have talked and got all chummy on the deck, and I wouldnt have realised that I maybe, actually liked the bastard, not just wanted to kiss him, or touch him, or have him touch me, or . . . goddammit, wait for the drum roll—fuck me.

I swallowed hard. Me fucking him would, of course, be marginally more acceptable to my brain, but who was I kidding? Id spent the entire weekend thinking, fantasising, googling, watching, and yep, definitely him fucking me. Good God, the sooner he was out of my house the better. Still, it sounded like it wouldnt take much to get him to shift back down south, so I could only hope.

You okay, Leroy?”

My gaze jerked his way. Fine. Im absolutely fine,” I lied, because no, I didnt want to go there, or talk about it, or think about it, or do anything other than bury it as unsuccessfully as Id done for the last five days, make that a year—my, doesnt time fly—because Im chickenshit as all hell and my life is a fucking shitshow of irony.

Why now?

Why him?

Why . . . this?

Bisexual. Id even practised saying it in front of the mirror, barely able to spit the word out as it sat huge and sour on my tongue. It wasnt that I hated the man-on-man part, because I was clearly on board with that in so very many, many Fox-shaped, lickable ways. It was more that the admission held an extremely unflattering mirror up to the jerk hypocrite that Id been, and very likely still was, my entire life.

Whoever said sexuality was a choice, I needed that fuckers address and a suitably sized cactus to shove where the sun dont shine.

My head had been buried so far in the sand for so long that I had grit coming out my arse, and that shit had to stop. After my appalling behaviour in the kitchen, Id sulked and pondered long and hard over the weekend and gotten more than my moneys worth from my broadband provider. It all came with an uncomfortable realisation. The infatuation I had with Fox wasnt going anywhere, and that meant either making myself and everyone around me miserable or pulling it into the light and stop running. How had I completely missed this rather critical aspect of my nature?

And then it occurred to me, maybe I hadnt. I had the pieces, but nothing or no one had caused them to fall into place, until Fox.

Author Bio:

Heart, humour and keeping it real.

Jay is a 2020 Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Gay Romance and her book Off Balance was the 2021 New Zealand Romance Book of the Year.

She is a New Zealand author writing mm romance and romantic suspense, primarily set in New Zealand. She writes character driven romances with lots of humour, a good dose of reality and a splash of angst. She’s travelled extensively, lived in many countries, and in a past life she was a critical care nurse, nurse educator and counsellor. Jay is owned by a huge Maine Coon cat and a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel

Author links


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