Feeding My Addiction…

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Well, I’m a little late with my post this week almost forgetting to even do one. I didn’t do much feeding for my addiction this week but I figured I’d still share the two that I did pick up though and of course pat myself on the back for behaving while I was at it.🤣

As always clicking the covers will take you to the book on Amazon!**

New additions from Netgalley Jan 1st – Jan 8th

When an anonymous neighborhood forum gets hacked, the darkest secrets of New York’s wealthiest residents come to light—including some worth killing for—in this gripping suspense novel from the author of Just One Look.

It was all confidential. Right up to the moment when it wasn’t.

UrbanMyth: It was lauded as an alternative to the performative, show-your-best-self platforms—an anonymous discussion board grouped by zip code. The residents of Manhattan’s exclusive Upper East Side disclosed it all, things they would never share with their friends or their spouses: secret bank accounts, steamy affairs, tidbits of juicy gossip. The same people who, as parents, go to astonishing lengths to ensure that their children gain admission to the most prestigious boarding schools and universities. So when a “hacktivist” group breaks into the forum and exposes the real identity of each poster, the repercussions echo down Park Avenue with a force that none could have anticipated.

And someone ends up dead.

Is the murderer Heather, the outsider who would do anything to get her daughter into the elite’s good graces and into their even better schools? Norah, the high-powered executive failing to balance work with the emotional responsibilities of motherhood? Or Poppy, whose perfect-on-the-outside façade conceals more than her share of secrets?

Each of them has something to hide. 

Each of them will do anything to keep secrets hidden.
And each of them just might kill to protect their own.

Perfect for fans of Ellie Alexander and Lucy Burdette, Rose Betancourt’s debut is a culinary treat sure to charm.

Living in Paris and having a sidekick cat named Pepe le Pew gives Marci Beaucoup’s life a certain je ne sais quoi. Only Marci isn’t in France. She lives in Paris, Kentucky. Combining her love of baking and France, Marci opened La Belle Patisserie, but when a woman is discovered dead in front of her shop, Marci’s dreams come to a screeching halt.  

Marci thinks mouthwatering pastries are just what her small Southern hometown needs. Most residents agree, saying that her baked goods are magical, creating love and good fortune all over town. When Kelly Lowry is shot in front of the shop, it gives the pastries a new meaning behind “to die for.” Who killed her and why was her murder followed by a strange Frenchman’s appearance? When Antoine Dubois wanders into her quaint shop, Marci is smitten immediately. But soon, more questions arise than answers: How did Antoine end up in Kentucky? And what was his connection to the dead woman?

Meanwhile Detective Maverick Malone is on the case and quickly connects the dots between Kelly and Antoine, accusing him of the murder. Could it be that Antoine had something to do with the dead woman? Marci, enamored by Antoine, is determined to clear his name.

Now Marci finds herself mixed up in the murder investigation, she has to find the killer before her half-baked theories result in her untimely death.

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