The Body in the Apartment (A Jazzi Zanders Mystery #4) by Judi Lynn #bookreview #mystery

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Title: The Body in the Apartment

Author: Judi Lynn

Publisher:   Lyrical Press

Publication Date: March 17, 2020

Page Count: 204

My rating: 3 1/2 stars

About the book:

The charming homes of River Bluffs, Indiana, make perfect projects for house-flipper Jazzi Zanders. Less charming is her hothead brother-in-law, who’s a bit of a fixer-upper himself.
But could he also be a murderer?
Jazzi married her gorgeous contractor Ansel—not his family. But somehow she keeps living with them. So she’s delighted to help Ansel’s brother Radley move out of their home and into his own place, in the same building as his work supervisor, Donovan. But when Donovan is shot and his apartment ransacked following an argument with Ansel and Radley’s older brother Bain, their sibling becomes a suspect—especially after his missing gun turns up as the murder weapon.
Told not to leave town by Detective Gaff, big brother moves in with . . . Jazzi and Ansel. Now Jazzi needs to prove Bain’s no killer, not only to keep him out of jail—but to get him out of their house. What was the killer looking for in Donovan’s apartment? And what will happen to the next person who gets in the way?

The Body in the Apartment by Judi Lynn is the fourth book in the cozy A Jazzi Zanders Mystery series. As with most cozy mystery series each book can be read by themselves or in any order as each contains it’s own mystery that is fully solved within. However, there will be some character development carrying over from book to book for those that follow the series from the beginning .

The first book of the series, The Body in the Attic, introduced readers to Jazzi Zanders who along with her cousin Jerod are in the flipping houses business in River Bluffs, Indiana. Now if anyone isn’t familiar with house flipping it’s buying up properties at a low cost then renovating them to sell for profit. I blame plenty of doctor/hospital trips for my new found love of HGTV and these type of shows since they seem to air in waiting rooms everywhere.

This time around Jazzi and her contractor Ansel have gotten married and with that comes Ansel’s family and his brother, Radley, who has been living with them. Now it’s time for Radley to move but just as that is about to happen Radley’s supervisor, Donovan, is found shot and his apartment completely torn apart as if someone was looking for something so Jazzi knows there’s another murderer on the loose.

The A Jazzi Zanders Mystery series is another cozy series that I have followed from the beginning with two factors bringing back time and again, the series is set in my home state and I do love the home renovation theme. This installment seemed to focus more on cooking that building though which was a little odd from my memory of the first three but it was nice to hear of locations I know first hand again. Overall I still enjoyed the characters and mystery and will certainly return to the series with this latest coming in at three and a half stars for me.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

USA Today Best-selling author for The Body in the Attic.

When I started self-publishing, I wrote urban fantasy as Judith Post. Then my wonderful agent, Lauren Abramo, suggested I try to find a publisher by writing romance, and she was right. I sold my Mill Pond romances to Kensington’s Lyrical Press. After six romances, my equally wonderful editor, John Scognamiglio, asked if I’d like to try to write a mystery. Ironic, because I started writing–forever ago–by writing mystery short stories and selling them. I decided to write about a fixer-upper because my husband and I bought a 1920s small bungalow when we got married, and it needed lots of work. We’re still working on it. And cooking crept into the stories because I LOVE to cook and have friends over to eat supper with us. A lot of my passions have ended up in my books:)

2 Comments on “The Body in the Apartment (A Jazzi Zanders Mystery #4) by Judi Lynn #bookreview #mystery

  1. This is a great series, I am also enjoying it. I agree, it went off the major theme of home renovations, but I still liked catching up with the characters. We shall see where the next one goes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it was just odd to be doing so much cooking when that isn’t the theme and there’s many out there like that so hopefully it’ll be back on track next round.

      Liked by 1 person

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