Murder at Morrington Hall (A Stella and Lyndy Mystery #1) by Clara McKenna #bookreview #mystery #historical

Title: Murder at Morrington Hall

Author: Clara McKenna

Publisher:  Kensington Books

Publication Date: May 28, 2019

Page Count: 321

My rating: 3 stars

About the book:

Stella Kendrick is an all-American heiress who can’t be tamed. But when the lively aspiring equine trainer tangles with British aristocracy, she meets her match—and a murderer . . .
Like the Thoroughbreds she rides across the Kentucky countryside, Stella takes adventure by the reins when she’s asked to attend a mysterious wedding in rural England. But once she arrives at the lush Morrington Hall estate, her cold, ambitious father reveals that he has arranged to give away his daughter as bride to the Earl of Atherly’s financially strapped son . . .
Stella refuses to be sold off like a prized pony. Yet there’s something intriguing about her groom-to-be, the roguish Viscount “Lyndy” Lyndhurst. The unlikely pair could actually be on the right track with each other . . . until they find the vicar who was to marry them dead in the library. Now, Stella and Lyndy must put their marriage on hold to prevent an unbridled criminal from destroying their new life together right out of the gate . . .

Murder at Morrington Hall by Clara McKenna is the first book in the historical cozy A Stella and Lyndy Mystery series. As with most cozy mystery series each book in the A Stella and Lyndy Mystery series will have it’s own mystery to be solved so they can be read as a standalone or any in order if choosing to do so. There will be character development that carries over from book to book for those that follow the series from the beginning.

Stella Kendrick is an American who grew up on the Kentucky countryside where her family raised thoroughbreds. Stella is going to be traveling with her father to England on a business trip to deliver some of their horses. After arriving however Stella finds that her father has arranged her marriage to Viscount “Lyndy” Lyndhurst as part of the deal. Before Stella can even process the news she and her groom to be find the  body of the vicar who was supposed to marry them and knew there is a murderer on the loose.

The A Stella and Lyndy Mystery series gained my interest by having not only the element of it being historical but also romance involved in this cozy so I was really hoping to enjoy the mixed genres. However, after reading this one I didn’t really care for most of the characters in the story and felt the romance lacking. The mystery was a decent one but with not connecting to the characters this one turned into a just alright start to this series for me.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

Find this book online:

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About the author:

Clara McKenna writes the new historical cozy Stella & Lyndy Mysteries series, about an unlikely couple who mix love, murder, and horseracing in Edwardian England. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and the founding member of Sleuths in Time, a cooperative group of historical mystery writers who encourage and promote each other’s work. With an incurable case of wanderlust, she travels every chance she gets, England being a favorite destination. When she can’t get to England, she happily writes about it from her home in the Upper Midwest. Visit her online at

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2 Comments on “Murder at Morrington Hall (A Stella and Lyndy Mystery #1) by Clara McKenna #bookreview #mystery #historical

  1. Nice review Carrie. I am hit or miss with Victorian cozy mysteries for the same reason, I find I often have trouble connecting with the characters.


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