Thank You, Next by Sophie Ranald #bookreview #contemporary #romance

Title: Thank You, Next

Author: Sophie Ranald

Publisher:  Bookouture

Publication Date: November 30, 2020

Page Count:  338

My rating: 3 stars

About the book:

Twenty-eight-year-old Zoe really doesn’t want to end up being a crazy old cat lady. As a chef, she’s used to sharp knives and getting burned, but she didn’t realise that being single was just as dangerous. There are some dates even an extra-large glass of wine can’t fix.

There was the guy who turned up drunk, face planted on the floor, and smelt like he was 90% tequila. He deserves a special mention because she’s sure she spotted an ankle tag beneath his trousers.

Plus the dullest guy in the universe whose idea of sexy talk was droning on about pensions and ‘prudent financial planning’.

Not to mention the one who didn’t even bother to show, leaving her sitting all alone in a bar, staring into her empty glass and dying a bit inside.

After Zoe says ‘thank you, next’ to every dud, her friend Robbie has an idea. He’s a dating machine and he bets that if she takes his love-life advice, her luck will change. Will there ever be a guy who makes her say, ‘thank you, yes’? Or should Zoe just admit defeat and start stockpiling cats?

A feel-good, fresh and fabulous page-turner for anyone who has torn their hair out over their love life, drank their weight in wine to survive an awful date, or stared at their phone, willing it to ring. Fans of rom-coms by Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk will absolutely love this laugh-out-loud tale.

Thank You, Next by Sophie Ranald is a contemporary romantic comedy novel. The main character, Zoe, is a chef who has been on her fair share of horrible dates and is thinking of becoming a cat lady as her cat Frazzle is the best man in her life.

As Zoe is about to give up getting one too many private part pictures sent to her on her online dating site a friend suggests lining up her dates by their zodiac signs. Zoe’s dates still have their ups and downs as she searches for the man that may be her perfect match.

I have to say I was not really that big of a fan of this book finding it ended it a bit meh so I began thinking it had the perfect title as when done my thought was thank you, next! It did have it’s funny moments but to be honest the bad dates kept on and on and when I thought I picked up a romance I was beginning to wonder when that would come into play. In the end I just wished this one had more balance and focused a bit more on the relationship that came about and not try to only focus on being humorous.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

Sophie Ranald is the youngest of five sisters. She was born in Zimbabwe and lived in South Africa until an acute case of itchy feet brought her to London in her mid-20s. As an editor for a customer publishing agency, Sophie developed her fiction-writing skills describing holidays to places she’d never visited. In 2011, she decided to disregard all the good advice given to aspiring novelists and attempt to write full-time. After one false start, It Would Be Wrong to Steal My Sister’s Boyfriend (Wouldn’t It?) seemed to write itself, and six more novels have followed. Sophie also writes for magazines and online about food, fashion, finance and fitness. She lives in south-east London with her amazing partner Hopi and their two adorable cats.

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5 Comments on “Thank You, Next by Sophie Ranald #bookreview #contemporary #romance

  1. Contemporary romances are tricky for me or I may be too picky for them(who knows) so.. while I enjoyed your review, I don’t think this is a book for I’ll be reading.
    Sorry! Happy Father’s Day!

    Liked by 1 person

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