Just Get Home by Bridget Foley #bookreview #thriller

Title: Just Get Home

Author: Bridget Foley

Publisher: MIRA

Publication Date: April 13, 2021

Page Count: 272

My rating: 3 1/2 stars

About the book:

When a devastating earthquake—the Big One—hits Los Angeles, two strangers are brought together by an act of violence and must help each other survive the wrecked city.

Beegie is riding the bus when the quake hits. The teenager was heading back to her unhappy foster home, but then she’s thrown into a broken world. Roads crumble, storefronts shatter and people run wild.

Dessa, a single mom, is enjoying a rare night out when it strikes. Cell towers are down, so without even knowing if her three-year-old daughter is dead or alive, she races to get back across town.

As danger escalates in the chaotic streets, Beegie and Dessa meet by a twist of fate. The two form a fragile partnership, relying on each other in ways they never thought possible, and learn who they really are when there’s only one goal: just get home.

Just Get Home by Bridget Foley is a disaster thriller that gives an imagining of what could happen if the Big One, a massive earthquake, hit Los Angeles, CA. The first thing I would say is this isn’t the pretty side of humanity in this story so it would definitely be best said that this one needs a trigger warning, the biggest with rape.

Dessa is a single mother that’s life revolves around her young daughter but has taken a rare night out after securing a babysitter for her little girl. When the earthquake happens the only thing on Dessa’s mind is her daughter, not knowing if her daughter is ok or safe after the earthquake is the one thing keeping Dessa moving on her way home all the way across the city.

Beegie is a young teenager who has seen her share of horrors already in her short life growing up in foster care. Beegie’s current foster situation has her not wanting to return so she finds herself out on a city bus away from home when the earthquake hits. As Beegie and Dessa both find themselves fighting for survival they find their paths crossing and may just need each other to survive.

One would hope that if any true disaster happened in the real world that it would be far far away from most author’s imaginations, including this one, and the people of the world could pull together. However, living in a city where the news is not pretty every day I wouldn’t at all be surprised if things did take a quick, dark turn as they do in this book giving it a realistic but scary and often cringeworthy feeling as reading. I got off to a bit of a slow start with this one so in the end I landed on 3 1/2 stars.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

Originally from Colorado, Bridget Foley attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television. She worked as an actor and screenwriter before becoming a novelist. Her first book, Hugo & Rose, was published in 2015.

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