The Ivies by Alexa Donne #bookreview #YA #thriller

Title: The Ivies

Author: Alexa Donne

Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers

Publication Date: May 25, 2021

Page Count: 320

My rating: 5 stars

About the book:

Enroll in this boarding school thriller about a group of prep school elites who would kill to get into the college of their dreams…literally. 

“The Plastics meet the Heathers in this murder mystery about ruthless Ivy League ambition.” -Kirkus Reviews

Everyone knows the Ivies: the most coveted universities in the United States. Far more important are the Ivies. The Ivies at Claflin Academy, that is. Five girls with the same mission: to get into the Ivy League by any means necessary. I would know. I’m one of them. We disrupt class ranks, club leaderships, and academic competitions…among other things. We improve our own odds by decreasing the fortunes of others. Because hyper-elite competitive college admissions is serious business. And in some cases, it’s deadly.

Alexa Donne delivers a nail-biting and timely thriller about teens who will stop at nothing to get into the college of their dreams. Too bad no one told them murder isn’t an extracurricular.

The Ivies by Alexa Donne is a young adult thriller set in an elite boarding school. The students in this school are more than ambitious and when it comes to getting into the best colleges they pull out all the tricks to do better than their peers but the questions is what is too far?

The Ivy League are the most sought after colleges out there and are often referred by students as The Ivies however there is also The Ivies at Claflin Academy, five girls dead set on getting into the best schools. The group consists of Avery, their leader, Sierra, Margot, Emma and finally,Olivia, our main character. These girls have spent their years at the academy sabotaging other students to keep themselves at the head of the class and have now applied.

Avery had dictated to the girls that they each should pick a different Ivy college so they all should be accepted since only a few are chosen from the academy each year to a single college. Avery had claimed Harvard as her own however so Olivia and Emma applied in secret. Avery is turned down and Olivia and Emma accepted, Olivia stays quiet about her own acceptance but Emma admits hers and there is a huge fight between Avery and Emma. The next day Emma is found murdered, would Avery have gone that far or is another killer on the loose??

For some reason even in adulthood I am still always drawn to boarding school or summer camp thrillers. Perhaps it’s because those are things the rich enjoy that I never myself did so setting a killer among those is a twisted appeal to me. But even with that draw they don’t always work out as enjoyable but thankfully The Ivies did. This one had just the right amount of intrigue, backstabbing bitches, and a twist I didn’t see coming. There were times my jaw would drop at how vicious and conniving these girls were. With my suspect all picked out I prepared myself for disappointment when the author headed that way but boy was I glad she tied it all into a pretzel and surprised even me, what fun!

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

Alexa Donne is the author of Brightly Burning and The Stars We Steal, YA sci-fi romance retellings of classics set in space out now from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Her next YA, THE IVIES, a thriller set in the world of competitive college admissions, will be out in May 2021 from Crown/Random House. A graduate of Boston University, she works in TV marketing and has done pro bono college admissions mentoring since 2014. A true INFJ, in her “free” time she mentors with WriteGirl, runs the Author Mentor Match program, and manages one of the most popular writing advice channels on YouTube. She lives in Los Angeles with two fluffy ginger cats named after YA literature characters. You can find her in most places @alexadonne.

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