Safe No Longer by Gayle Curtis #bookreview #thriller

Title: Safe No Longer

Author: Gayle Curtis

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

Publication Date: May 14, 2020

Page Count: 297

My rating:  2 stars

About the book:

One child dead. Another missing. The village has seen this before.

On a warm evening in late summer, best friends Raymond and Cara camp out overnight in the garden. By morning, Raymond is dead and Cara is missing.

DI Rita Cannan is called home to the sleepy seaside town of Green-on-the-Sea to investigate Raymond’s murder and try to find Cara—alive. But the case carries eerie echoes of another girl’s death that rocked the close-knit community, decades ago. If there’s a connection, if history is repeating itself, who knows more than they’re letting on? And how far will they go to cover their tracks?

There are only so many lies a small town can hold and when everyone is a suspect, Cannan has nowhere to turn. To discover the truth, she must confront her own past. But can she do so in time to uncover the identity of the murderer and find Cara—before more innocent lives are lost?


Ever read one of those books that you find yourself hating everyone as the story goes along? That would be Safe No Longer by Gayle Curtis for me unfortunately. Safe No Longer is a thriller that has multiple points of view and alternating timelines and unlike a lot of those I found this one to be hard to follow.

This story starts off with a young mother planning her own daughter’s kidnapping with a man she thought she could trust to care for her daughter while she glowed in the media. This plan was supposed to be what was in the best interest of the child. *cough* Needless to say things go way out of control when a young boy is found murdered and the daughter no where to be found and the partner in crime claiming innocence.

So basically what we have here is questionable characters around every corner or turn of the page to the point of disgust really. There was so much going on and to follow along with that it all really becomes a distracting mess with no one really to root for or care about in my opinion. Also, the jumping ahead didn’t seem to flow very well to me leaving it feeling kind of off as you switch. Hoping something would stand out at the end I ended up feeling let down there too as it all seemed to be a stretch with some things unanswered.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

When Gayle was five years old, she packed her little red suitcase and told her parents she was leaving Norfolk to find her fortune. Unable to reach the door handle, she decided to stay, set up an office under the stairs and start writing books. Gayle still lives in Norfolk with her husband and lots of cats. She is inspired by the beautiful countryside and coastline. Her novel Too Close was published in 2016. She has also self-published two novels, Memory Scents and Shell House, and a humour book about her cat, entitled Wilfred, Fanny and Floyd.

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