Feeding my addiction….

I don’t know why it’s popping into my mind tonight but I need some nice graphic for my weekly addiction post. LOL

Anyway… I know I’m late this weekend but I also know I wanted to get this one up since I added a ton to my TBR too so I didn’t want to put it off any longer. Before getting to the books though I wanted to updated on my mom… after several docs and tests things seem to be looking good and she will probably be going back to work. Mom’s had health concerns for years so she’s not going to be picture perfect but they haven’t found anything new to be concerned about either which is good. So now onto the books….

New additions from Netgalley Aug 26th- Sept 2nd

And because curiosity killed the cat I also picked up the one that they are not telling the title, author or have a cover for just yet listed under Can You Keep a Secret by S.

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  1. Such good news about you mom Carrie. Glad it has turned out better than expected. You have quite a haul here, I looked at some of them that I have not requested, then slapped my hands when i almost requested. Some great sounding stories here.


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