Mini Reviews….

I’ve been reading a lot of books that I own and really didn’t want to go through the trouble of setting up a whole post for each one so I thought I’d just do a few quickie posts to get caught up.

Before Tomorrow (Forget Tomorrow, #0.5)Before Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Before Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn is a prequel novella to the young adult science fiction fantasy Forget Tomorrow series. This novella is told from Logan’s point of view and shows a closer look at what will happen in the first book of the series. It is of course best to read the whole series as this does leave off at a cliffhanger to what will happen in the later books.

Set in a world in which everyone will receive a vision of their future self when they turn seventeen it is Logan Russell’s turn to see his vision. While the vision shows Logan that he will go on to become a great swimmer it also shows him with Callie Stone who currently isn’t speaking to him. Logan doesn’t want Callie to be forced into something with him so is afraid of sharing his vision with her.

This was a great start to the series that made me want to continue on and see what happens next. The author did a wonderful job incorporating just enough world building, character building and action to the plot in such a short time that it couldn’t help but make me curious. Definitely enjoyed this opener and can hopefully continue on with the series.



To Buy A Wife (The Dark Future, #1)To Buy A Wife by K.C. Klein

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

To Buy A Wife by K.C. Klein is the first book of the science fiction/dystopian romantic The Dark Future series. The characters and story do continue over into the next book so to best be enjoyed one should start at the beginning and read the series in order.

Set in what is meant to be a futuristic version of Earth women have become property and only supposed to be good for bearing children and being wives. Hudson Land was headed to the auction to buy a wife but arrived late only to find himself arriving when Lake is about to be executed. Before he knows it Lake is his property but he didn’t count on having a rebel for a wife.

This story wasn’t a bad one although with it being short it really lacked a lot of depth which really showed in the world building. To me it felt a bit more historical really than something that would be happening in the future. Otherwise you have the kind man taking in the woman that is used to much harsher conditions and wrap all that into a rebellion story, interesting start.



Weekend with the Tycoon (Indigo Island, #1)Weekend with the Tycoon by Kaira Rouda

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Weekend with the Tycoon by Kaira Rouda is the first book of the contemporary romance Indigo Island series. While part of a series the books do switch main characters in each installment so this one can be read as a standalone if choosing to do so.

In this story Blake Putnam is a wealthy businessman that has no intention of settling down and starting a relationship but finds himself needing a date to take to a family wedding. Samantha Jones is a new employee at Blake’s business that somehow finds herself being whisked away to pretend to be her boss’s new date.

Again this is a novella so don’t expect a lot of depth to the characters or story as everything moves at a rather fast pace. My problem with this one really was more I just did not ever connect to the characters at all and rather actually found them kind of annoying which is a shame because normally I like the idea of pretend dating going into something more.



Sweet Submission (Submission, #1)Sweet Submission by Roxy Sloane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sweet Submission by Roxy Sloane is the first book of the erotic bdsm Submission series. This is one that does end on a cliffhanger to carry over to the next book with the same characters in the next read.

Isabelle Ashcroft is having problems with her abusive step-brother when Cameron McCullough comes to her rescue. Cam really wants Isabelle but doesn’t think she belongs in his world but Isabelle is determined that she does.

This one is really short and not bad writing at all but of course it’s all a bit fast going with the length. Reminded me a bit of 50 Shades but more taking an excerpt out of that full length but the same he wants her but she’s not the usual type. Fans of that sort of read may enjoy this one.

The Italian's Passionate Return (The Alfieri Saga, #1)The Italian’s Passionate Return by Elizabeth Lennox

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Italian’s Passionate Return by Elizabeth Lennox is the first book of the contemporary romance The Alfieri Saga series. While part of a series there is a definite ending and the next in the series changes to another couple as the main characters so it can be read as a standalone.

The two main characters in this story, Damien and Jemma, shared a passionate past but afterwards neither could figure out how to find one another. Now years later Jemma is perfectly happy in her life as a single mother, the product of her time with Damien, and never expected Damien to walk back into her life.

The Italian’s Passionate Return is another story at novella length so it’s a fairly quick read which I found to be an alright story. Giving the couple a history together makes the fast pace of the novella a bit more tolerable to me and are ones I usually enjoy more which ended up being the case here.

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