At the Heart of It by Tawna Fenske

At the Heart of ItAt the Heart of It by Tawna Fenske
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kate Geary is a television producer that is working in unscripted television or the more known term, reality TV. Right before beginning her newest television project Kate meets Jonah Porter, a super hot book store owner that she immediately hits it off with. However, Kate doesn’t see anything taking off with Jonah since she is away from home for her project even as much as she did end up liking him.

Kate then decides to focus on her upcoming project featuring her idol, Dr. Vivienne Brandt. Dr. Viv is a self-help guru whose advice Kate has followed and feels she owes many thanks to helping her during her toughest times. The producers want Dr. Viv and her husband on the show but since writing together the pair have divorced but that is not Kate’s only problem with the success of her show, the ex-husband in question is none other than the man she met, Jonah.

At the Heart of It by Tawna Fenske is a contemporary romance read that features a very very awkward love triangle of sorts. Kate being the producer of the show that her idol is starring in also finds herself falling for Jonah which leads to a lot of balancing between career and personal life which leads to some funny times, some touching moments and a lot of drama being pushed from the execs of the show.

I know that Kate is the main character in the book but Jonah was the one that sort of stole the show for me. He’s rather funny which is why he was being included in the show but overall he was just a great guy that obviously cared for his family with his interactions with his sister. Jonah’s sister also stole the show a bit herself with her animal care facility and all of the critters involved, so incredibly cute.

I also enjoyed the use of reality television in the story since it really has skyrocket and seems like everywhere you turn these days another new show is popping up on the air. Not sure I was convinced of Dr. Viv’s show actually ever being a hit but hey, I suppose it’s a step up from some of them already on the air though. In the end this was quite a cute read with great writing and likable characters with a lot of funny moments throughout.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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