Fix Me by Lisa M. Cronkhite

Fix MeFix Me by Lisa M. Cronkhite
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

After Penelope Wryter’s sister committed suicide a year ago her life has become a big mess. Hooked on the same illegal drug Fix that her sister had been on Pen knows she needs to find a way to stop using. But if Pen stops the drug that gives such realistic hallucinations she will lose Nate that she only sees when on Fix and Pen really cares about Nate even though she knows he just isn’t real.

As Pen tries to say goodbye to Nate and give up using Fix Nate tells her that he really cares and she just can’t let go yet making her even more confused than ever. But when a girl from school goes missing after a Fix trip Pen really starts to realize she may be in a danger and that there is more to Nate than just her imagination.

Well, my review for Fix Me could really be an extremely short one and just state the obvious with this book that it just wasn’t for me. As much as I wanted to get into a young adult mystery read this one was a bit iffy already with the drug use but I was hoping with the description that the author would be rather creative with this imaginary drug that people could see things using but that fell short right off the bat really.

The book somewhat read more along the lines to me like a twisted drug PSA with the it’s bad, but I need to, no it’s bad back and forth which distracted me from enjoying any of the mystery/paranormal aspects that are included. The story itself was just an alright one under that annoyance really so I was also hoping for an amazing end to bring my rating up but again that hope just fell flat with what actually happens in the story. I found the ending really sort of a rush job but quite unrealistic to me too. So overall, as I said to begin this one just wasn’t my cup of tea but maybe the younger crowd may enjoy it a bit more.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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