The Vampire Prince (The Vampire Wish #2) by Michelle Madow


The Vampire Prince (The Vampire Wish #2)The Vampire Prince by Michelle Madow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Vampire Prince is the second book of a new young adult fantasy series by Michelle Madow. In the first book of the series, The Vampire Wish, we met Annika who had lost her whole family to a vampire attack and was taken hostage to the hidden vampire kingdom of the Vale where she is kept as a human blood slave to provide food for the vampires. Also introduced in the first book was Jacen who was also taken by the vampires against his will but unlike Annika who still remains human Jacen was turned against his wishes and now fights his desire to kill for blood. Jacen and Annika met and Jacen tried to help Annika escape but she was taken away with Jacen being led to believe she died and Annika believing Jacen had betrayed her.

Now in The Vampire Prince Annika finds herself in possession of a magical artifact that has trapped the ancient witch, Geneva. Whoever controls the ring controls Geneva so Annika now has her power behind her as she continues to try to get revenge upon the vampires that killed her family and held her hostage. Meanwhile, Jacen has returned to the kingdom and is being forced to find a bride so with Geneva’s help Annika plans to disguise herself and become his bride to have full access to the palace and destroy The Vale from the inside.

As usual Michelle Madow hasn’t disappointed me in the least coming up with another great fast paced addition to this series. The story picked up right after the end of the first book and quickly brought the reader back into the story as the characters try to recover from the ending of the first book. Always moving at a quick pace and full of action the story has added in so much more about all of the characters and situations that I can’t wait to see what happens at each turn of the page.

This second book also has a bit of Selection or The Bachelor feel to it as Jacen starts looking for a bride. The story isn’t quite being done in the same way as either of those but they are definitely brought to mind as the potential brides arrive at the kingdom including Annika in disguise. Being left right in the middle of this story line among others going on in the series is the only reason I didn’t rate a perfect five but I will most certainly be anxiously awaiting seeing where the story goes in the next installment and would recommend this to the fantasy/paranormal fans that enjoy fast paced and full of action reads.

I received a free advance copy of this book directly from the author, thank you to Michelle Madow for allowing me to read early.


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