Dead Girls Can’t Lie by Carys Jones


Dead Girls Can't LieDead Girls Can’t Lie by Carys Jones
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

North Stone and Kelly Orton had been best friends since they were very very young and had always considered themselves to be soul sisters. When North gets the news that Kelly was found hanging from a tree on a jogging path from an apparent suicide North knows that there is no way Kelly killed herself. Kelly was a fun a vibrant person whom everyone loved with a great boyfriend and no way she’d leave her best friend behind without a word.

The police are not listening to North’s pleas to investigate further into Kelly’s death with all clues pointing to the suicide so North decides to take matters into her own hands and investigate Kelly’s death. With what little information the police have given about Kelly’s death and a few leads into her past few months North sets out to prove her theory and ends up putting herself directly in the path of danger in her search for the truth.

Dead Girls Can’t Lie by Carys Jones is one of those books that after I was finished I was truly disappointed that I didn’t care for it as much as I had thought I was going to when picking it up. Shortly after starting this mystery/thriller read though two distinct things happened that brought the entire book down for me from then on out.

First, I was never convinced of this amazing friendship between North and Kelly. The book takes the reader back and forth with flashes from the girls past and North’s investigation in current time and truth be told the more I read I just disliked North and wondered about the friendship overall. Parts of it had me thinking North seemed just rather kind of creepy or in the very least needing a bit of help to deal with her own issues instead of focusing on Kelly.

Then the other thing that had me a bit disconnected during the read was it seemed shockingly obvious what the outcome would be at the end and then unfortunately I was right. I wanted to scream where’s the twists, where are the turns? Perhaps with a shocking ending I would have at least felt happy to have continued on but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I’m chalking this one up as to the it just wasn’t for me as there are others enjoying it but I couldn’t say the same unfortunately.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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    • Yes, exactly. The book might squeak out a three and be an OK read if one or the other had caught my attention more but this one just didn’t seem to grab me at all at any point unfortunately.

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