Reported Missing by Sarah Wray

Reported MissingReported Missing by Sarah Wray
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Four month before Rebecca Pendle’s husband had disappeared but she’s had a tough time getting the police or other area residents to care that he is missing since on that same day fourteen year old Kayleigh Jackson also vanished without a trace. From the very start everyone assumed that since a young girl was gone that Rebecca’s husband must have been the one who took her.

Now Rebecca is staying as off the grid as she can to avoid the whispers, stares and sometimes even threats that she must have known what her husband was up to. All Rebecca wants are answers since she’s never believed her husband could have anything to do with the missing girl and that their marriage was solid until his disappearance.

I went into Reported Missing extremely excited to read this story as it reminded me a great deal of a story that had been on the news recently here in the US. There was an older male that had left with a teenage girl and of course the controversy to the story came with did the girl go willingly or was it kidnapping? And regardless the man should not have taken off with an underage girl so the hunt was on to find that man. My thoughts had always wandered to the wife that was left behind and felt this story was extremely close to that situation.

The first few chapters of this book had my attention for sure learning of how Rebecca was still somewhat in mourning for her husband and unable to face that he may have been involved. There’s also be the build up of everyone being against her and her husband without a bit of proof that the two disappearances had anything to do with one another. But that was where it fell a bit apart in my opinion, the story just sort of stalls in that mode without much progress and leaving the reading just hanging on for something, anything exciting to happen. By the end of this one the slow pacing just had about done me in in really caring who had done what so this one only rates in at about 2.5 stars for me.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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