Penhale Wood by Julia Thomas

Penhale WoodPenhale Wood by Julia Thomas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rob McIntyre thought he was going to have the family vacation that he so desperately needed after his girlfriend of ten years had left him however when Rob arrives he finds his brother and his family needed to leave due to an emergency. Finding himself alone and away from home Rob is surprised when the doorbell rings and he finds Iris Flynn on the doorstep.

Iris is the mother of Sophie Flynn, a three year old that was murdered the year before and Rob had been a detective on the case. It was believed that their nanny at the time, Karen Peterson, was responsible for the death having left with the children that night and disappearing. In the past year there hadn’t been any luck locating the mysterious Karen though and now Iris wants Rob to reopen the case.

Penhale Wood had the promise to be a completely gripping thriller but unfortunately I found it fell a bit short of that mark while reading. My first complaint really would be some of the actions of the characters really did read as realistic to me with the situation going on in the story making me a bit disconnected with the story afterwards.

Also, while we knew from the beginning of the book who was suspected of murdering the little girl what the reader didn’t know was what had happened to her. Now to me there didn’t seem to be enough twists to really throw my suspicions off in this one although I’m happy to say I wasn’t quite right. But that led me to my last though which was I would have liked more of an explanation on the how and why at the end. Overall the story just ended on a kind of average and possibly forgettable note for me.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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