Saved by the Montana Hero (Montana Lakeside Book 4) by Vella Munn

Saved by the Montana Hero (Montana Lakeside Book 4)Saved by the Montana Hero by Vella Munn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kolina Childs has been on her own and independent for a long time and is now working towards her goals as a waitress at Lake Serene. Terron Sax on the other hand has been responsible for his family for years and now that his parents have passed is trying to become independent himself taking on a job on the remodeling crew at Lake Serene.

When Terron and Kolina meet they are drawn to each other by their shared difficult and painful pasts and love of the nature around them. The pair end up spending more time together as Kolina tries to rescue a stray dog trying to get it to trust humans and give it a loving home.

Saved by the Montana Hero is the fourth book in the Montana Lakeside series but the first of the series which I myself have read. The story within this book read fine as a standalone novel though so I don’t believe it would be necessary to have read the others to enjoy Terron and Kolina’s story.

The one thing I found with this read was that I wish the author would have kept the story a strictly clean romance between Terron and Kolina. Kolina has an injury in the story and it always sort of makes me cringe when a character is dealing with pain and the story goes to the steamier moments between a couple. Otherwise this was an enjoyable read with as much as the couple had opposite between them they also had in common bringing them together as they shared details with each other.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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