Pretty Wicked by Kelly Charron

Pretty WickedPretty Wicked by Kelly Charron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fifteen year old Ryann is on the outside what everyone would consider the perfect daughter. Ryann is a straight A student, a cheerleader and always follows the rules and listens to her parents. However, Ryann is harboring one huge secret, she’s always been obsessed with serial killers and has the urge building inside her to try to become one herself.

Ryann is no stranger to killing though, she actually had killed another young girl when a few years before when the girl was very badly injured so instead of getting help Ryann ended her life. Now Ryann’s taste for blood has grown and since her father is a police officer she’s done her homework and things she’s ready to avoid the police and start her killing spree just like her idols.

Pretty Wicked is actually the first book in a new series by Kelly Charron. The is a dark and twisted young adult thriller told from the prospective of the girl next door who turns into a psychotic murderer. With the main character in the story being only fifteen she does have a bit of immaturity about her but that perfectly fit what I would expect from a fifteen year old.

The book was rather compelling as Ryann begins her killing spree, I just could not stop reading wanting to know what she was going to do next, who her next victim would be or whether she would be caught for her crimes. She does make a lot of silly mistakes but again with her only being fifteen being a bit impulsive was very believable but on the flip side coming from being raised in a family with a law enforcement officer it was also believable when she was doing thing right.

Overall, quite compelling young adult thriller told from the perspective of a young female striving to be a cheerleader by day and a murderer by night.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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