The Twelve Dogs of Christmas: An Andy Carpenter Mystery by David Rosenfelt

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas: An Andy Carpenter Mystery (An Andy Carpenter Novel)The Twelve Dogs of Christmas: An Andy Carpenter Mystery by David Rosenfelt
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Andy Carpenter who is a defense lawyer with a new case that he thinks is going to be an easy win during the holiday season. His new client, Martha “Pups” Boyer, has spent years rescuing puppies, raising them until they can be adopted and can be put into good homes. Now however she has been reported to be against the zoning laws for keeping so many animals in her home.

What Andy didn’t expect taking on this case though was for the body of the man who made the complaint to turn up. Pups had loudly threatened the victim after he’d made the complaint and now all the evidence seems to be pointing to her as a murderer.

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas is actually the fifteenth book in the Andy Carpenter series by David Rosenfelt. This one seemed to read alright as a standalone novel though as far as the current case involved in the story was concerned. It had an interesting story to follow along with as the main character tries to seek justice for his client.

The one thing though with this book being so far into a series which I hadn’t realized when I’d picked it up was that I found I seemed to be lacking a bit of character depth not having read the earlier books. It took me a while to get comfortable with Andy and who he was as a character while he was trying to save his client.

Overall, 3.5 stars good mystery story with good writing which made me interested in possibly going back and picking up more of this series.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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