Knight of Hearts (A McKnight Romance, #2) by Suzie Quint

Knight of Hearts (A McKnight Romance, #2)Knight of Hearts by Suzie Quint
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After Mac’s divorce he decides to visit his sister to get away and try to learn to be single once again. Rachel is a friend of Mac’s sister and when she meets Mac she immediately can tell he has no idea what women would want these days and begins to really feel sorry for the new bachelor.

Rachel however is single herself and not sure how to help Mac find love when she hasn’t been able to do it herself. Rachel though is in need of a date for an upcoming family wedding to get her family off her back about her single status. Mac and Rachel come up with a plan between the two for Rachel to help Mac with his dating game if he will pose as her boyfriend at an upcoming family wedding.

Knight of Hearts was a really cute romance with the couple starting off as friends helping each other and the relationship given time to slowly grow between the pair. The book starts off extremely funny in the beginning but became quite a touching story as you learn the background on the characters.

The one thing I found with this one though that to me just kept it from being completely amazing though was Rachel and her reaction to her family. She’s a grown woman and to me it seemed to go a bit over the top with her worrying what her family thought of her. I can understand their values and her past but there also seemed to be some point Rachel needed to stand up for what she herself wanted.

Overall, this one surprised me turning a friendly couple into a deeper connection through some emotional things to overcome. It was a great mix of funny, sexy and emotional.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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