Untouched (Beachwood Bay, #0.5) by Melody Grace

Untouched (Beachwood Bay, #0.5)Untouched by Melody Grace
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Emerson Ray is Beachwood Bay’s resident bad boy, waking up from another black out night with yet another girl he doesn’t remember he heads into work. On the way Emerson ends up in an accident in which he meets the fiery Juliet McKenzie.Emerson and Juliet find that they have a lot in common in their lives and begin spending time together but will they build something more or will it be just another fling for Emerson?

Untouched is a companion novella in the Beachwood Bay series by Melody Grace. I haven’t read the entire series myself but being romance the books generally are fine to read as standalones so this seemed to be alright without the others.

I actually enjoy Melody Grace’s writing as this isn’t the first of her books I have read but with this one I just wasn’t a fan of the characters and situations together. The characters in here are fairly young but we have yet another womanizer bad boy that he heroine is sure to think she can find that good side in there. Couldn’t help but think to myself, girl you are young just move on.

Overall, 2.5 stars, good writing just wasn’t a fan of this couple myself.

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