A June Wedding by Emily Murdoch

A June WeddingA June Wedding by Emily Murdoch
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Victoria Walsingham has always been in love with Isaac Quinn but instead of proposing like Victoria had always dreamed he would, Isaac tells Victoria that he can’t marry her due to her status. Victoria is of course devastated but when her brother unexpectedly inherits the title of the Earl of Cheshire, Victoria finds herself in the middle of high society and again crossing paths with Isaac.

A June Wedding had all the things that should make for a great read but unfortunately I just didn’t find myself enjoying this one. The writing was good and I usually enjoy a good historical read but I just didn’t like Isaac and couldn’t get behind the relationship.

It’s understandable I suppose that with the time period that status and wealth meant more than it would now. However, it seemed that even if overlooking Isaac using that as an excuse to leave he still seemed a not so great guy later on in the story too. Hard to get behind wanting a relationship to happen with someone that doesn’t seem worthy.

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