Legion (The Dark Rituals Book 4) by Catrina Burgess

Legion (The Dark Rituals Book 4)Legion by Catrina Burgess
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Legion is the fourth and final book of the Dark Rituals series by Catrina Burgess so I won’t get too into what actually takes place in this book but a bit of a look back on what the series has been about.

Colina is a mage that grew up in a family of healers and had been studying to become a healer herself until a group of men came into her home and murdered her family. Fearing for her life and wanting revenge she seeks out a death dealer to learn the death arts to protect herself.

This book again picks up a short while after the one before. Colina and her friends are still fighting to banish the demon that was raised in the first book and fighting to save themselves from all the other problems that have stood in their way along the journey.

I actually enjoyed this series as a whole. All throughout the author has continued to add different abilities and things into this world so you never know what the characters will be able to do. Colina has gained death dealer powers mixed with her healer powers and has no idea what she has become but there are also other characters in the mix finding things they can do.

Each book has had a different thing within it to overcome during that book with an overall plot line that has carried on throughout the series which was also nice. There’s always a bit of a cliffhanger but also an end to one part of the story.

4 stars for this final installment of the series. I felt it’s picked up over the course of the books although book two was my least favorite of the group, once past that one it got a lot more exciting.

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