How To Break A Cowboy (Savage Tales, #1) by Daire St. Denis

How To Break A Cowboy (Savage Tales, #1)How To Break A Cowboy by Daire St. Denis
My rating: 1.5 of 5 stars

Tessa Savage has her two favorite cowboys at her beck and call until a new man walks into the picture. But what better way to solve the conflict between the three men than to bring Dallas into her life and bed along with Connor and Wade.

I picked up How to Break a Cowboy as an Amazon freebie and this one reminds me an awfully lot of the old saying you get what you paid for. In other words I wasn’t impressed with this at all.

The first problem with this book was the fact that after chapter one is over it jumps into an about the author and previews of other books section. Um, why? Someone really missed on the formatting and finishing up of this book.

But besides the weirdness of wading through other excerpts to get to the rest of the story there just really wasn’t even a story to speak of. If you are looking for nothing but an erotic read with multiple partners then maybe this would work for you but there wasn’t much else to it and I personally wasn’t impressed with what was there.

Overall, 1.5 stars.


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