INSIDE the Wall (The War in the Wall Series Book 1) by A. Lotus, Stephanie Tkach (Illustrator), Valentina Cano

INSIDE the Wall (The War in the Wall Series Book 1)INSIDE the Wall by A. Lotus
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Letha and Nathan grew up together becoming best friends and pledging their young love to one another. But that was before the war came and their city was overtaken. The children in the city were rounded up and their parents put to death. Letha and Nathan ended up on opposite sides as the children were imprisoned and taught to be soldiers. Letha fought against this new life and becoming a killer only doing what she had to protect herself and her few friends she had left. Then Letha is given the mission to kill Nathan.

Inside the Wall sounded like an interesting take on a dystopian world that peaked my interest when I first saw it. Unfortunately, this one ended up not really being for me in the end. While the idea of a violent society of kill or be killed could make an interesting read in this book I just found myself wondering why and how things were happening.

The world building was extremely lacking in the story. It just felt like one of those reads you are tossed into the mix and expected to imagine the missing parts on your own instead of it being there in the book. Of course it is a short read but I’d still like to have more of an explanation of what I’m reading about to enjoy a story.

Besides missing a bit of understanding in the overall plot there are also random happenings throughout the read that just left this reader with questions. Things were happening all throughout the book that I was just left wanting to know more of how or why the characters were doing what they were or when things happened.

Overall, unfortunately this one fell short for me so it’s not really one I’d recommend checking out.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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