AFTER THE RAIN (One Pass Away #1) by Mary J. Williams

AFTER THE RAIN (One Pass Away #1)AFTER THE RAIN by Mary J. Williams

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Logan Price was the small town boy who through training, practice and plain determination made it in the NFL and was living his dream. That is until a career ending injury that took his dream away from him and sent him back to his small town to work in his father’s bar.

Claire Thornton was also from a small town and poor background but also had big dreams. She’s gotten herself through school to become a trainer in the NFL. When the starting quarterback, Gaige, wants to get Logan back onto the team he seeks out Claire to work with Logan and get him back in shape to play. Needing to prove herself Claire didn’t expect that the sparks would fly as soon as she met Logan.

After the Rain is one of those reads that some will love and others not so much. I found it a pretty good one to pick up if you are looking for the instance steamy relationship type of read. But on the other hand I’m not too sure about the plot behind the relationship.

Claire is portrayed as being a hard working tough woman who wants to prove herself and break into a male dominated job market. But the problem with this is that Claire immediately acts upon and instant attraction to Logan. Logan himself even tried putting the breaks on the immediate contact and she is the one insisting. It’s hard to take a character seriously when they immediately break the biggest concern in their career field which would be getting involved with the athletes in Claire’s case.

The chemistry is there between Logan and Claire from the very start of the read, an instant attraction type of situation so if you do not enjoy those I’d give this a pass. I normally wouldn’t of minded the instant attraction if I hadn’t been wondering why Claire would risk her job so quickly. Perhaps I’d have rated this a bit higher if they’d been given any kind of time to develop the feelings/attraction while working together.

Overall, an OK read overall, a bit rushed into attraction but certainly a steamy couple together.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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