Shameless (Bitter Creek #14) by Joan Johnston

Shameless (Bitter Creek #14)Shameless by Joan Johnston
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Pippa Grayhawk now finds herself nineteen, single and pregnant after falling in love with a married man that had lied to her telling her he loved her and wanted to marry her only to get her into bed. Her father comes to her rescue but she quickly finds herself an outcast in the small community near her home in Australia. When Pippa’s father gets an offer from his own estranged father to return home to Wyoming to inherit the family ranch he takes the deal for not only his daughter’s sake but his own.

When arriving in the states Pippa hides her pregnancy being ashamed. She finds herself in a constant battle with her father’s sisters at the ranch as he has told them they are to leave the ranch when he inherits it. Pippa meets a young man while out riding that she befriends but soon finds herself fighting feelings for Devon as she can’t bring herself to tell him about the baby and doesn’t think she could stand having her heart broken again.

Shameless is the fourteenth book in the Bitter Creek series but actually the first of the series I’ve read myself. There are some old family issues mentioned here and there but I never felt like I was lost with anything brought up and was given enough information with what was going on currently that it was fine as a standalone novel.

I think I probably would have enjoyed this story more if it weren’t constantly putting down Pippa for being single and pregnant. I felt like I must of been reading a historical novel but it is supposed to be taking place in present time. Yes, it’s terrible that she’s young and was lied to but in this day and age she’s certainly not alone in being a young unwed mother.

Also, when we get the background on Pippa’s own parents we find that her father was only sixteen and her mother fourteen at the time of her conception. Now her father keeps at her to put the baby up for adoption saying just how hard it is to be a single parent etc but I can’t help to wonder if he was determined to keep his daughter and raise her on his own why he would be so insistent since Pippa would at least have her father to help her and this would be his grandchild.

I did enjoy the fact that the relationship between Devon and Pippa wasn’t rushed into and the pair had plenty of opportunity to build something together. Pippa seemed very young and naive but I take it that is a product of being raised on a ranch without much interaction with others outside her father.

Overall, I would be interested in reading more of the books in the series when finished with this one. Thought it was a good read other than some details with dealing with the pregnancy but the families involved seem to have a lot of interesting secrets to pull in a reader.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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