Coming Back (Ink & Chrome) by Lauren Dane

Coming Back (Ink & Chrome)Coming Back by Lauren Dane
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Coming Back is the third book in the Ink and Chrome series by Lauren Dane. All could be read as standalone book with each featuring a different relationship of one of the owners of Twisted Steel. This particular installment features Mick Roberts and his relationship with his long time best friends Jess and Adam.

Mick, Jess and Adam grew up together and knew they all loved one another but things tore the trio apart in the past. When Mick gets home from the service he takes time to get his life together before meeting back up with Jess and Adam, inviting both to a celebration hosted by Twisted Steel. Mick and Adam both have families that don’t accept the fact that the guys are bi-sexual which has led to a lot of tension for the trio but none of them have ever lost their love for the others.

One thing Lauren Dane does well is putting together characters that seem to fit each other perfectly and make sense. The steamy chemistry between her characters is never lacking in the least and that can be said for this particular book as well. I didn’t particularly care for Adam’s dominance at times but it’s who he was and he did seem to fit into the trio well regardless.

What I did feel was lacking in this particular book was expanding on the plot outside of the relationship between Mick, Adam and Jess. There are family issues brought into the dynamic but it seems like a lot of times it ended up being put in as an after thought and could’ve been given a lot more attention.

Overall, a male/male/female relationship with a lot of steamy chemistry but a bit lacking in plot beyond the relationship dynamic.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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