Tempted by the Boss (Tempted, #1) by Hazel Kelly

Tempted by the Boss (Tempted, #1)Tempted by the Boss by Hazel Kelly
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Tempted by the Boss is the first novella in the Tempted series by Hazel Kelly. In this book we are introduced to Ella and Will. Ella is out of work and had to move back in with her mother while she finds a new job. Ella’s mother invites her to a charity dinner being hosted by Will who owns rather wealthy and invests in Ella’s mothers charity.

This book is another case of I just really didn’t care for the characters at all. Nothing particularly wrong with the writing but it just wasn’t my taste.

Ella rubbed me the wrong way to start when her mother says it was her fault Ella needed money which Ella bitterly thinks to herself that her mother could’ve helped her pay for her “overpriced” college education. Her mother had used the money for the homeless shelter that she devotes all her time to and helping other people. Immediate dislike of the somewhat shallow and selfish way Ella seemed.

Will starts off his part of the story sleeping with his ex-wife and giving a general overview of being a rich jerk. Then when meeting Ella it’s pretty much buy his way into her life with a promise of a job and rigging the charity giveaway for a date with her.

Not too much to the plot in this other than the beginning for these two as it seems to be a 5 book series but after the first I don’t believe I’d have any reason to continue.

Overall, quick read, decent writing but not to my liking.

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