Falling For Him 1 by Jessica Gray

Falling For Him 1Falling For Him 1 by Jessica Gray
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

After just finishing college Rachel agrees to go on a camping trip to do some climbing with her roommates friend Michael. Michael seems to have a crush on Rachel which she doesn’t return. After arriving they meet some other college students and agree to hang out. Rachel has a bit too much to drink and passes out at the camp only to wake up and find out the next morning that Michael has ditched her since she had ignored him.

Having no other choice Rachel asks the other campers for help. One of which is a very attractive man named Peter who has done nothing but give Rachel the cold shoulder. When it’s time to pack up the only available way for Rachel to get home is to ride with Peter on his motorcycle but after what was supposed to be a quick stop at his family’s cabin the two get trapped by a storm.

I’ve rated this novella two stars simply because I made it all the way through and actually got a good chuckle out of it…unfortunately it’s not meant to be funny. Rachel really came off as completely childish most of the time which made me really not like her much at all. Peter was also quite the jerk in the beginning and then when he got a bit more tolerable we bring in his psycho ex-girlfriend.

The writing seemed a bit off throughout. Most of the time I’d guess Rachel to be a teenager from her dialogue and thoughts but occasionally you’d get something thrown in that seemed completely out of place. For instance she says she saw someone with a lighter then at the end of the explanation she’s giving she says “I observed her!” I really don’t think anyone talks like that so I had a good chuckle with the awkwardness of it. There also seemed to be a few typos here and there.

Having really not liked the characters separately it was really hard to even want them to start a relationship. Then when other things happened I’m just wanting to scream run away from him, run as fast as you can.

Overall, definitely not one I’d recommend.

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