Time to Die by Caroline Mitchell

Time to DieTime to Die by Caroline Mitchell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Detective Jennifer Knight is a member of Operation Moonlight, a division of law enforcement that deals with any cases that may have a paranormal/supernatural nature to them. Jennifer has picked up a new case involving a mysterious man that has given a tarot reading to a man whose body has turned up. Our tarot reader is known as the Raven. His predictions are eerily accurate when it comes to the past, present and future of his readings.

Time to Die is actually the follow up to Caroline Mitchell’s Don’t Turn Around. I didn’t realize this when picking up the book to review but I don’t think it really hurt to have not read the first before reading this one. Perhaps there was a bit about Operation Moonlight and the characters that I would’ve known in advance but otherwise it was fine as a stand alone novel.

Overall the plot was pretty good. I loved The Raven as a villain and learning his back story, a pretty creepy character to say the least. My lower rating comes from Jennifer the main character of the story. I really found it hard to relate to her as a strong character with her OCD obsessive nature with cleaning. There was just so much there that I instead of concentrating on the killings and solving the crime that I just wanted this poor woman to get some therapy.

Jennifer has a back story that was only touched upon but it is obviously the cause of her OCD nature. At one point she has an argument with her sister and grabs her sanitizer as if she can clean away her past. When starting a relationship she is looking around and thinking how cluttered things are. She has presents in her home for her niece and nephew that she ends up taking to the car because they just don’t belong in her home. All of this just seemed so distracting to me that I felt much more sorry for her and wanted to get her some help.

In the end I think if the OCD and back story either weren’t involved or if there had been more to push that it wasn’t “normal” for Jennifer to be like she was then I probably would’ve enjoyed the rest of the story a lot more. In my opinion Jennifer would live up to the strong character she was supposed to be if she would admit her compulsion to clean was not normal. The rest of the characters in the story and the plot itself were good and the paranormal aspect of the story blended in well though.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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