Never Never by Brianna Shrum

Never NeverNever Never by Brianna Shrum
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Never Never takes us on the journey of the story of Peter Pan but from the prospective of Captain James Hook. We start off meeting James just before his 13th birthday. His father has left on a voyage and broken a promise to take him to the gardens so James sneaks out alone and comes across Peter Pan. Peter introduces him to faeries and tells him of a magical place called Neverland.

Now James is fascinated with Peter and Neverland but only wants to visit. He’s looking forward to growing up and being like his father and will be starting school in a few weeks. Peter tells James that a visit would be fine so the two fly off to Neverland but unfortunately Neverland is not as fun as Peter had made it sound but when James wishes to return home Peter refuses to take him.

This book was a tough one for me to decide on a rating. I enjoyed reading for the most part but in the end it became completely predictable. I’d hoped that with a beginning of Hook being more of the good character and Peter being more evil that it would end up going somewhere new and exciting. Even that concept isn’t really new though since that’s the version that Once Upon a Time has of the story but I still had hoped maybe this would do something a bit different than even that tale.

Also, I’m not even sure the target audience for Never Never after reading it. It starts off feeling very young but the middle adds in a bit of sex and there is violence throughout. It’s not overly graphic but definitely not meant for too young of an audience. But the story never really got to where it would appeal to adults that didn’t already love Peter Pan.

A somewhat darker tale of Peter Pan told from Captain Hook’s point of view. If you are really into fairy tale retellings then you’d probably enjoy this book but it didn’t bring too much new to the table to give a huge recommendation for it. In the end 3 stars because I did enjoy reading for the most part but still hoped for more even when done.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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