Under the Dome (Under the Dome #1-2) by Stephen King

Under the DomeUnder the Dome by Stephen King
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Really there has never been a Stephen King book that I haven’t liked or even loved. Under the Dome falls into the just like category. Perhaps I would’ve been more into the book if I had not already watched the TV series for two seasons before finally picking up this book. In my defense though Stephen King novels tend to be just so long and daunting.

Normally I don’t like to include spoilers in a review but if you haven’t read and/or watched the TV series you may not want to read anymore of this review.

Both the book and the series have the same main characters and the town is surrounded by and invisible dome but that’s somewhat where the similarity ends. James Rennie Sr. is still the complete egotistical, power hungry jerk in both and Dale Barbara “Barbie” along with Julia Shumway are still the ones battling Big Jim and trying to save the town. But otherwise the stories run off in completely different directions. Not sure if that’s necessarily a bad thing either as I did find the book dragging in parts. The story focuses on so many characters that you have to wait to find out what is going on with each for quite awhile as it jumps around.

Seeing the show first I was a bit shocked when we start off with with Junior Rennie murdering Angie… Angie was a featured character in the show for a while and Junior is somewhat a good guy at this point. Had to continue reading on from there to see how close both would be. So many small changes though, such as they can talk to people outside the dome, the backgrounds of characters, early deaths of some that were on the TV series etc etc.

In the end I can understand why the differences as the book comes somewhat to a rather abrupt and slightly disappointing ending. Would have preferred more info about what caused the dome to appear but the book mainly covers the town’s reactions and both Rennies evil actions. It’s still a good read, suspenseful and plenty of action going on.

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