A Dubious Device by Gerald J. Kubicki

A Dubious DeviceA Dubious Device by Gerald J. Kubicki
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

A Dubious Device is the 10th book in the Colton Banyon series. The book starts off with Colton being arrested under suspicion of murder. We find that there have been a series of murders of death row inmates that had no contact with the outside other than the mail they had received.

Once Colton is cleared of the murders his team is tasked from the President to help solve the case. We are introduced to the leader behind the murders, a former Nazi and find his plans to take over the US and wipe out other races. From there it’s a chase for Colt and his group to find and stop the plans before millions could die.

The book started a bit slow to me. The first several chapters did a great job of catching a reader up on who was who if not having read the previous books so this read fine as a standalone. But the beginning also seemed to start feeling a bit more of a textbook lesson than pulling me into the story too. Getting 10-15 chapters in though the action picks up and the story got moving a lot better.

One complaint though factoring in on my overall rating though is I found a lot of words in the story that seemed to be wrong. Perhaps it was my copy I was given but it’s one of my biggest pet peeves when reading as I find it completely distracting to be reading and have to stop at a sentence to figure out what it meant. A few off the top of my head were no instead of not, shot instead of shoot, microscope instead of microscopic and draw instead of drawer etc. I’d almost forgive someone using for instance the wrong version of they’re/there/their easier than a completely different word as it breaks up the flow of the story. For instance “Their at the park” instead of They’re could be read the same instead of coming across “The at the park” and spending time reading and re-reading trying to figure out that “the” meant They’re.

As far as the story went though I found it overall interesting and fun to read. The science aspects were believable to me although I have no clue how close to the truth it actually is. I did get a little disappointed in the character Wolf in the story. I just found it a lot more exciting when the team is working on solving the case and then a bit letdown when Colt gets handed the answers from Wolf not even halfway into reading. It seemed they were doing fine working the leads and evidence and the book would’ve flowed nicely without so much being given away by Wolf.

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