The New Wild by Holly Brasher

The New WildThe New Wild by Holly Brasher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The New Wild starts off with the female lead Jackie finishing up her summer at a camp across the country from her home in Oregon. She’s attended the summer camp all through her teen years and is close with a couple other girls there. When a new camper arrives the girls of course want to get to know the good looking new boy at camp but Xander turns out to be a real jerk to them.

When the teens go off on their overnight hike, the girls to one area and the boys to another, Mother Nature starts her fire and purges the Earth burning up nearly everything man-made. Jackie is the only female survivor and runs into a older woman who survived in her cabin who explains what she thinks has happened and that Mother Nature is involved. She teaches Jackie to survive to try to make the trek west to Oregon.

When Jackie starts off on her journey she comes across Xander finding he’s also survived the fire. The two still share some animosity but don’t want to try to journey west alone so they team up to find if their families survived.

This book starts off with Jackie and Xander both being a little on the bratty side for supposedly 17 year olds which made them feel a bit younger but after the story got going I actually rather enjoyed the author’s “New Wild”. The things that the come across and their journey was rather fun to read about and imagine.

Jackie and Xander seemed to do a lot of growing up together and it worked nicely. A lovely blend of fantasy in a real world setting. The writing and story is a bit on the simple side but it made for a fun, quick read that I rather enjoyed.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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