Taking Back Sunday (Incarnate #1) by Cristy Rey

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Taking Back Sunday (Incarnate, #1)Taking Back Sunday by Cristy Rey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday has been on the run for the last several years. Cyrus and his pack of werewolves have been hired to find her. Cyrus and the wolves had captured Sunday years ago for a witch named Bernadette who used Sunday to fuel her own powers until Sunday escaped. The encounter this time goes completely differently as Cyrus finds himself incredibly drawn to Sunday and doesn’t want to see her turned over again.

Sunday had begun setting down roots and trying to live a mundane life. She’s made a couple of friends who practice witchcraft and assured Sunday that it’s all light magic and safe. When Sunday meets the circle of witches she finds one has a deeper, darker agenda. As Sunday begins to investigate the wolves catch up with her and through Cyrus’ attraction they end up involved helping Sunday take down the dark witch.

The book got off to a rather slow start. You meet Sunday and her friends in the current storyline, then the Werewolves who were following her but it then spends several chapters giving a glimpse at the back story without much progress to the current plot. A problem with this for me was it truly was just a glimpse into the past and the present characters. The author never really tells what it means to be the Incarnate or Sunday’s powers. She doesn’t tell what Werewolves or Vampires can do or what could kill them etc in this book. Your kind of left with assuming they are the ‘typical’ versions. For example, there are books with vampires that kill to survive, some that can feed on humans but not kill, some that feed on animals. Some can be in daylight, some can only come out at night… There’s never a good explanation of how the characters in this series really are.

Another kind of bothersome part of the book is the characters don’t get much of a chance to interact naturally. For example during a phone call you get the “hello” then several paragraphs or pages of the thoughts or description of the conversations occurring instead of an actual conversation between characters then the last few bits of dialogue. I felt I’d get a better feel on the personalities and characters if things were to flow more naturally between them instead of just descriptions and thoughts.

The actual plot in the book once it got going was rather good. I just felt a bit withdrawn from the characters from the lack of interaction and details. In the end it just ended up an ok read but nothing that truly drew me in and made me care about the story and characters more.

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