Deadly Messengers by Susan May

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Deadly MessengersDeadly Messengers by Susan May
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deadly Messengers touches on the very real topic of mass killings. It starts off as a man enters a neighborhood cafe and proceeds to kill several workers and patrons with an ax. We are then introduced to Kendall Jennings who is a freelance journalist who normally writes puff pieces for magazines. Kendall carries her own emotional trauma with her when it comes to violence but agrees to do an article on the survivors of the killings since she is at a slow point in her career and needs to make her rent that month.

The story also introduces us to Detectives O’Grady and his partner Trip who are assigned the case. These two essentially become good cop/bad cop after meeting Kendall as she’s investigating the murders. O’Grady has his own personal dilemmas involving violence and reporters to deal with in the story. When more killings occur the detectives are doing their best to understand what is happening in their city and how/why these are occurring and answer the question of are they somehow connected.

Deadly Messengers is a book that I personally like to think of as ‘reality horror’. As the events in the book are something that I could possibly see covered on the nightly news. Readers especially from the U.S. have probably come across a news story about a mass shooting at some point. Most recently the shooting in the Louisiana movie theater comes to mind and a few years before that the same situation at a theater in Colorado. These works of fiction based on reality send chills down my spine while reading because I can’t help but think to the situations and that it does happen.

In that respect other recent books I’ve read that I also thought covered real situations were Stephen King’s – Mr. Mercedes and Caroline Kepnes – YOU. While the events in those books along with Deadly Messengers have the writing style completely different, in all three they do seem to all have the one thing in common that the killers could be on your nightly news and very real feeling. If you are a fan of that type of book then Deadly Messengers is definitely worth checking out.

The book was real page turner for me. I found myself caught up in the story and suspense and how it would all turn out. I was immediately a fan of Kendall, she showed her strength taking on the story of the murders and dealing with the detectives all while having her own vulnerable side. In the end it all had a realistic feel behind it incorporating things that I had read about so it all just worked and tied together nicely.

I received an advance copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review. A huge thank you to Susan May for allowing me to read her book as this is one that I really enjoyed.

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