Behind a Lady’s Smile (The Lost Heiresses #1) by Jane Goodger

Behind a Lady's Smile (The Lost Heiresses, #1)Behind a Lady’s Smile by Jane Goodger
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I won this book from Goodreads First Reads.

Genny Hayes had lived in a cabin in the middle of Yosemite with her father for years until her father was attacked by a bear and killed. She didn’t know her way to the nearest town so when she spotted a photographer in the woods near her cabin she spied on him to see if he was a good man that might help her.

Mitch Campbell had been working as a photographer for years to save enough to open his own studio in New York. When he finds Genny spying on him he startles her and she breaks her leg. Feeling guilty he decides to stay with her until she recovers. When Genny first tells Mitch that she needs to get to England to meet her long lost grandparents who are a Duke and Duchess, Mitch of course agrees to take her thinking of a reward and so the journey begins for the pair.

At first Mitch came across to me as someone more of Genny’s fathers age and not suited for a love interest. But as the story goes on we learn more about the pair and it became a bit more believable of a romance. However, I did find my curiosity over the mysterious Duke and Duchess more compelling to keep reading than the actual romance in the book. Overall I’d say an average historical romance novel. I’d like to of been more into the relationship in the story than I was.

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