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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there!! This week I am on the behaving side of the pattern I’ve been following lately. After last week’s massive misbehaving though I’m perfectly fine with only having four new titles to share with you all today.

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New additions from Netgalley May 7th – May 14th

Slamming the door shut behind her, Stephanie takes one last look at the party where her best friends are busy celebrating. As the drinks are poured and music blasts, she disappears into the darkness alone. Some say she was crying. Others think they heard an argument that night. But we never saw her alive again…

Ever since our best friend Stephanie was found murdered four years ago, I’ve been haunted by the feeling that I should have done more. The eight of us at the party were inseparable—and we always thought she was the perfect one. The one who stayed out of trouble. The one who always looked out for us…

But when we discover more about the events leading up to that fateful night, I realise that our friend was far from perfect. The golden girl was keeping secrets. Secrets that someone would kill to keep quiet. The more I learn about that night, I realise I never really knew her at all.

And as we get closer to the truth of what happened, the threats start. A warning message is keyed onto my car. Then the house is broken into, and my belongings are destroyed. The killer is watching us, and they are coming out of the shadows…

But when I find out that Stephanie knew her killer, my blood runs cold. Are they closer to me than I could have ever imagined? And just how far will they go to make sure the truth stays buried forever?

This addictive and gripping psychological thriller is perfect for fans of Megan Miranda, Lisa Jewell and Laura Marshall.

Nothing goes better with personal and professional drama than a delicious meal with a girl’s best friends . . .

Natasha Baldwin loves her life. As top realtor in her hometown of Firefly Lake, she has a good job and even better friends. Really, Tasha has only two regrets: never pursuing her dream career…and how things ended with Antonio Hayes years ago. So when an opportunity arises to show off her passion for interior design, Tasha’s excited—and a little nervous. But with the support of her girlfriends at their biweekly supper club, she’s eager to dive in…until she discovers that Antonio is her new project partner.

Teaming up with her ex is less than ideal, but with all eyes in town on her new project, Tasha knows now is not the time to let her messy past with Antonio impact her future. Yet working with Antonio immediately sparks bittersweet memories…and the same undeniable, irresistible chemistry even after all their years apart. Then, just as Natasha realizes that the life and love she’s waited for are within reach, her big break comes around, and she must decide what she truly wants…

A spellbinding romantic fantasy about a powerful witch who will do anything to escape the remote island she’s being held captive on, including blackmail a notorious, charming pirate who washes up on shore, from debut author Angela Montoya.

Rosalinda is trapped on Sinner’s Isle, an island filled with young women like her—Majestics, beautiful witches loathed by society for their dangerous magic yet revered by powerful men who want to use them. 

For years, she has been kept under the watchful, calculating eye of Doña Lucia. Now eighteen, Rosa will be the prized commodity at this year’s Offering, a fiesta for the wealthy to engage in drink, damsels, and debauchery. That is why she must flee—before someone forces the vicious phantoms within her to destroy everything she touches. 

Handsome, swashbuckling Mariano has long sailed the high seas as the Prince of Pirates. Then the king’s fleet attacks his father’s infamous ship, leaving him marooned on Sinner’s Isle with only an enchanted chain meant to lead him to his heart’s desire. Instead, he falls into the hands of a brazen (although) bewitching headache—Rosa.

Together they must outwit each other and their enemies before the Offering ends and it’s too late to escape the perils of Sinner’s Isle.

One holiday could change her life forever.

When Tania is invited to spend the summer with her aunt Judith on the stunning Greek island of Crete, she’s torn. She hasn’t been able to bring herself to travel since her last vacation romance utterly broke her heart. But is it time to put the past behind her?

Taking in gorgeous views of the turquoise harbour and white beaches from the little village, Tania can’t imagine a better place to be. Until, at the villa, preparing a delicious moussaka together, Tania sees her aunt’s beaming smile falter. And it’s clear the normally sparkling and lively Judith is unwell.

Not wanting to show just how worried she is, Tania sets off for a refreshing dip in the crystal sea to clear her head – and when grumpy, handsome local Nicos bumps right into her,Tania brushes off his apologies. She has too much on her plate to jump at the first Greek god she sees.

So, when Nicos turns up at the door offering to help her aunt, it’s not just Tania’s racing pulse that catches her by surprise. And as he opens up about his own family, she sees the kind heart underneath the brooding demeanour and impressive muscles.

But, with her aunt thankfully on the mend, the sun is setting on Tania’s time in Greece. Until Nicos promises her the life of her dreams – if she would only stay in Crete. Now she must choose between the safety of her life back home or taking a chance on love. She can’t risk her heart on another holiday romance… can she?

You will be swept away to the golden sands of Greece in this gorgeous, feel-good summer romance, full of love, laughter and new beginnings! Perfect for fans of Kate Frost, Jenny Colgan and My Mamma Mia Summer.

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