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Title: Glass Slippers

Author: Leah Cypess

Publisher: Delacorte Press 

Publication Date: April 5, 2022

Page Count: 265

My rating: 5 stars

About the book:

The second book in the Sisters Ever After series of fairy tale retellings from the point of view of the siblings in the background, this is the thrilling story of Cinderella’s never-before-mentioned third “evil” step-sister, Tirza.

Meet Cinderella’s third “wicked” stepsister, Tirza. For years, Tirza has lived with the shame of what her family did to Cinderella. Against everyone’s advice, Cinderella—now Queen Ella—took a chance on young Tirza. She gave Tirza a home in the castle instead of banishing her. The queen told everyone Tirza was good and kind, not cruel like her older sisters. 
    But now Queen Ella’s famous glass slippers are missing, and there’s only one suspect. . . .
    Tirza may have tried them on . . . but she didn’t steal them. Now she must find the true thief before she loses her royal home. But as Tirza gets closer to the truth, she finds herself getting closer to something else: her sisters, who might not be quite as evil as Cinderella claims.

Glass Slippers by Leah Cypess is the second book in the middle grade fantasy Sisters Ever After series. The books in the Sisters Ever After series are all retellings of fairy tales with each book bringing a new story done in a new and creative way of being told from a sibling of someone in the original tales. Each of these books can be read in any order or as a standalone if choosing to do so.

This second book of the series is a retelling of Cinderella told by her third unknown step sister, Tirza. Tirza was only five when her older sisters tormented Cinderella so after Cinderella married her prince and became Queen Ella she allowed Tirza to stay in the castle with them and banished only the older step sisters. Tirza has lived with the shame of what her family had done but now when Queen Ella’s glass slippers go missing all eyes are on her no matter how many times she denies being responsible.

Again I will admit that I am way beyond the age that this series is meant for but I just can’t help myself by being drawn to the cute stories. I love when an author can take the original tale and twist it into something completely new to the point I’m frantically turning pages waiting to see how it will all turn out and that’s just what I’ve found with the Sisters Ever After series. Both books of the series have been great so far with Glass Slippers in the lead as my favorite of the series so far and I will definitely be returning for book three to see what the author comes up with next.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

Leah Cypess wrote her first story in first grade. The narrator was an ice-cream cone in the process of being eaten. In fourth grade, she wrote her first book, about a girl who was shipwrecked on a desert island with her faithful and heroic dog (a rip-off of both The Black Stallion and all the Lassie movies).

After selling her first story while in high school, she gave in to her mother’s importuning to be practical and majored in biology at Brooklyn College. She then went to Columbia Law School and practiced law for almost two years. She kept writing and submitting in her spare time, and finally, a mere 15 years after her first short story acceptance, she sold her first novel.

Leah currently lives in Brookline, Massachusetts with her husband and children.

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