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Title: The Date from Hell

Author: Gwenda Bond

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Publication Date: April 5, 2022

Page Count:  325

My rating: 3 1/2 stars

About the book:

In The Date from Hell, the sequel to Not Your Average Hot GuyNew York Times bestselling author Gwenda Bond brings the journey of Callie, Luke, and their friends to a wonderful close. This is another laugh out loud, action-packed romantic adventure you won’t want to miss.

After saving the world and stopping the apocalypse, Callie and Luke are looking forward to a quiet, romantic weekend together. When you’re human and dating the Prince of Hell, quiet moments are hard to come by. But their romantic weekend in Hell takes a turn when Lucifer tasks Callie and Luke with chasing a wayward soul around the world. If they can prove it’s possible to redeem a soul, Lucifer will allow the two of them to make some changes in Hell.

But this wayward soul, Sean, doesn’t have any interest in being redeemed. Instead, now that he’s back on Earth, he’s decided to take a leaf out of Callie and Luke’s book and wants to find the Holy Grail. Now Callie, Luke, and their friends—and enemies—must race Sean around the globe on a Grail quest and bring peace between Heaven and Hell before they can finally (maybe) get around to that date.

The Date from Hell by Gwenda Bond is the second book in the paranormal romantic comedy Not Your Average Hot Guy series. The story in this one is told by changing the point of view between the two lead characters, Callie and Luke. It’s also like most fantasy series and picks up the story and continues on from the first book so it is best to read the series in order.

The first book of the series introduced readers to Callie who was a recent college graduate who found that her degree wasn’t really worth a whole lot and had found herself working in her family’s escape room business instead of in her own career. Callie’s mother had been leaving town for a few days putting Callie in charge of the business when a strange group came in and tried to steal some of the props. The next thing Callie knew she was kidnapped by the group who seemed to be a satanic cult trying to raise a demon and the summoned one happened to be a really gorgeous guy, Luke.

The Not Your Average Hot Guy series is one that actually is quite funny and takes readers on a fun adventure with the characters. However, I would again after reading this second book warn readers that while the characters are supposed to be adult age it often feels like I’m reading about some teenagers. I came back knowing that fact this time as I did enjoy the first book enough to be curious to see where it went and this one did rate slightly higher for me at three and half stars going in prepared but it would have been nice to not feel as if they were so young too.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

Gwenda Bond is the New York Times bestselling author of many novels, including the first official Stranger Things novel, Suspicious Minds. Check out her paranormal rom-com duology Not Your Average Hot Guy and The Date from Hell now. She clearly escaped from a classic screwball romantic comedy. She lives in a hundred-year-old house in Lexington, Kentucky, with her husband, author Christopher Rowe, and a veritable zoo of adorable doggos and queenly cats. She writes a regular substack newsletter at Visit her online at or @gwenda on Twitter. She loves hearing from readers.

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