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Title: Anatomy: A Love Story

Author: Dana Schwartz

Publisher:   Wednesday Books

Publication Date: January 18, 2022

Page Count: 311

My rating: 4 stars

About the book:

Dana Schwartz’s Anatomy: A Love Story is a gothic tale full of mystery and romance.

Hazel Sinnett is a lady who wants to be a surgeon more than she wants to marry.

Jack Currer is a resurrection man who’s just trying to survive in a city where it’s too easy to die.

When the two of them have a chance encounter outside the Edinburgh Anatomist’s Society, Hazel thinks nothing of it at first. But after she gets kicked out of renowned surgeon Dr. Beecham’s lectures for being the wrong gender, she realizes that her new acquaintance might be more helpful than she first thought. Because Hazel has made a deal with Dr. Beecham: if she can pass the medical examination on her own, Beecham will allow her to continue her medical career. Without official lessons, though, Hazel will need more than just her books—she’ll need corpses to study.

Lucky that she’s made the acquaintance of someone who digs them up for a living.

But Jack has his own problems: strange men have been seen skulking around cemeteries, his friends are disappearing off the streets, and the dreaded Roman Fever, which wiped out thousands a few years ago, is back with a vengeance. Nobody important cares—until Hazel.

Now, Hazel and Jack must work together to uncover the secrets buried not just in unmarked graves, but in the very heart of Edinburgh society.

Anatomy: A Love Story by Dana Schwartz is primarily a historical fiction story at it’s core. This one also has a bit of fantasy, a bit of romance and an air of mystery all in a gothic setting so of course it grabbed my interest being a fan of books that define being classified as any one thing.

The story is set in Edinburgh in the year 1817 where Hazel Sinnett is at the age where she is discovering who she is and who that is doesn’t like being stuck in the female role. Hazel would much rather become a surgeon than be married off to her suitor.

Hazel grasps her opportunity to study by sneaking into lectures as a male but when Hazel meets Jack Currer she sees an opportunity to take her studies one step further. You see, Jack is a resurrection man and he can bring Hazel the bodies she needs to further her education with practice on a real corpse.

Anatomy: A Love Story by Dana Schwartz was such a fun book to read. This was a unique story with a strong female lead trying to break out of society’s expectations. It’s odd to say there is gruesome and gore but still some romance and more in this novel. Definitely one that kept the pages turning wondering where the story would lead next.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

Dana Schwartz is a writer with bylines for Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Marie Claire, the New Yorker, GQ, and more. She’s the creator of the viral Twitter accounts @GuyInYourMFA and @DystopianYA, and the host and creator of the chart-topping history podcast NOBLE BLOOD. Dana lives in Los Angeles with her cat, Beetlejuice.

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