Murder With a View (House-Flipper Mystery #3) by Diane Kelly #bookreview #mystery

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Title: Murder With a View

Author: Diane Kelly

Publisher:   St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Publication Date: February 9, 2021

Page Count: 331

My rating: 4 stars

About the book:

Murder With a View is the third book in the delightful cozy mystery series from Diane Kelly set in Nashville, Tennessee—where the real estate market is to die for…


Carpenter Whitney Whitaker, her cousin Buck, and guard-cat Sawdust just scored a hot property near downtown Nashville in a tax sale. While the Music City Motor Court might not be much to look at now, the two plan to transform the motel’s twelve units into six one-bedroom condominiums with popular mid-century styling. But surprises await when Whitney discovers a squatter living in Room 9 and her cat Sawdust uncovers a body in the bed next door.


The murder victim is none other than Beckett Morgan, an up-and-coming country-western singing sensation who’s taken Nashville by storm with his number-one hit “Party in the Pasture.” Beckett’s left a long trail of broken promises and broken hearts, and the list of suspects seems endless. So does the line of female fans intent on halting the flip and turning the construction site into a shrine for the deceased star. If Whitney and Buck don’t help Detective Collin Flynn nail the killer, they’ll never be able to clear out the star-obsessed groupies, complete the remodel, and recoup their investment. But just who silenced the singer and why?

Murder With a View by Diane Kelly is the third book in the cozy House-Flipper Mystery series. As with most cozy mysteries each of these books in the series could be read as a standalone if choosing to do so as the mystery within is fully solved during the book. There is of course some character development carried over book to book for those fans following in order from the beginning.

In the House-Flipper Mystery series Whitney Whitaker had been working as a property manager to pay the bills while she had been living in her parents pool house with her cat, Sawdust. Real estate and renovating were really Whitney’s passions so whenever she got the chance she was diving into the house flipping business with her cousin.

This time around Whitney had her heart set on winning the auction for an old rundown motel in Nashville. The plan was to turn the property into upscale condominiums but as work was starting Whitney and crew found a body on the property which happened to be a famous musician. With another murderer to find Whitney teams up with her detective boyfriend to track down the killer all the while working on the new renovation.

The House-Flipper Mystery series is another cozy series that I have followed from the beginning after finding that cute quirkiness factor that I enjoy. This series differs a little from others by having an extra point of view thrown into the mix in addition to main character, Whitney, with that of her kitty, Sawdust, also getting a voice. Being an HGTV addict and loving kitties it seems impossible for me to not enjoy this series and this latest installment was another fun mystery yet again.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

A former tax advisor, Diane Kelly inadvertently worked with white-collar criminals more than once. Not surprisingly, Diane decided self-employment would be a good idea. Her fingers hit the keyboard and thus began her Death and Taxes romantic mystery series. A graduate of her hometown’s Citizen Police Academy, Diane Kelly also writes the hilarious K-9 cop Paw Enforcement series, the Busted female motorcycle cop series, and the House Flipper cozy mystery series. 2021 marked the debut of her new Southern Homebrew moonshine series and her Mountain Lodge Mysteries with The Moonshine Shack Murder and Getaway with Murder.

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