Not the Witch You Wed (Supernatural Singles #1) by April Asher #bookreview #fantasy #paranormal #romance #witches #magic

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Title: Not the Witch You Wed

Author: April Asher

Publisher:   St. Martin’s Griffin

Publication Date: February 8, 2022

Page Count: 344

My rating: 4 stars

About the book:

A fake relationship between a magic-less witch and a wolf shifter turns to more in the start of a bewitching new paranormal rom-com series.

Magic-less witch Violet Maxwell wants nothing to do with alpha wolf shifter Lincoln Thorne—the man who broke her fragile, teenage heart. But when the two of them are forced by arcane Supernatural Laws to find mates, Violet and Lincoln agree to fake-date their way to a fake-mating in order to conjure themselves some time.

The joke’s on them. When old feelings make a reappearance—along with Violet’s magic—they both realize there’s nothing fake about their feelings. But there are old secrets and looming threats that could snatch away their happily ever after, again. One thing’s for sure: magic doesn’t make dating and love any easier.

In Not the Witch You Wed, April Asher brings all the hilarity and sweet, sexy moments you love in a romantic-comedy—plus a fun dose of magic—to this spell-binding new series about being sexy, single, and supernatural in New York City.

Not the Witch You Wed by April Asher is the first book in the new paranormal romance Supernatural Singles series. I’m not totally sure but I believe that the Supernatural Singles series will be like a lot of romance series and the main characters will change with each new book of the series.

Not the Witch You Wed is actually a couple of different romance tropes in one with a fake dating storyline mixed with a second chance relationship. Violet Maxwell once had her heart broken by Lincoln Thorne when they were teenagers. Now to Violet’s dismay the She and Lincoln are being pushed to find their mates so in order to stall for time the two pretend to be dating each other.

Not the Witch You Wed by April Asher was a fun book to read with a lot of laughs in this paranormal rom-com. I really liked the characters and getting to know them and their world with the supernatural laws. I couldn’t help but root for Lincoln to make a change in their world too. The steaminess was undeniable in the second chance for this pair and I would definitely be interested to read another book in this same world.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

April Asher, aka April Hunt, was hooked on romantic stories from the time she first snuck a bodice-ripper romance out from her mom’s bedside table. She now lives out her own happily-ever-after with her college-sweetheart husband, their two children, and a cat who thinks she’s more dog—and human—than feline. By day, April dons dark blue nursing scrubs and drinks way too much caffeine. By night, she still consumes too much caffeine, but she does it with a laptop in hand, and from her favorite side of the couch.

From the far left cushion, April Asher pens laugh-out-loud romantic comedies with a paranormal twist, but when she’s not putting her characters into embarrassing situations with supernatural entities, she also writes high-octane romantic suspense as April Hunt, her thrill-seeking alter ego.

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