The Inn on Sweetbriar Lane (Blue Cedar Falls #1) by Jeannie Chin #bookreview #contemporary #romance

Title: The Inn on Sweetbriar Lane

Author: Jeannie Chin

Publisher:  Forever 

Publication Date: September 28, 2021

Page Count: 481

My rating: 3 stars

About the book:

From a “must-read voice in romance” (Christina Lauren, New York Times bestselling author) comes a charming opposites-attract romance about two lonely hearts discovering that love doesn’t always go according to plan.

June Wu always has it all together—only now, she’s in over her head. Her family’s inn desperately needs guests, her mother’s medical debts are piling up, and the surly, if sexy, stranger next door is driving away the customers she has left! When he asks for June’s help, though, she can’t say no. After all, his new bar could be just what the upcoming Pumpkin Festival needs to bring in more tourists. But with the fierce attraction between them, will working together be playing with fire?

Ex-soldier Clay Hawthorne prefers being on his own. He’s moved to Blue Cedar Falls for one reason—to carry out his best friend’s dream of opening a bar in the hometown he’ll now never return to. But the town’s business association is trying to stop Clay’s progress. June soon becomes his biggest supporter, and while their partnership is supposed to be only temporary, for the first time Clay wants something permanent—with June. Can two total opposites really learn to meet each other in the middle?

Includes the bonus novella Kiss Me in Sweetwater Springs by Annie Rains!

The Inn on Sweetbriar Lane by Jeannie Chin is the first book in the new contemporary romance Blue Cedar Falls series. It appears so far that this will be a contemporary romance series that will change the main characters with the setting being the common theme. This first book of the serie is an enemies to lovers romance changing the point of view between the characters.

June Wu loves her family and her small town of Blue Cedar Falls where she helps run her family’s inn. Things have been tight lately for June’s family with her mother’s health problems which have added to their bills. Just is hoping the upcoming Pumpkin Festival will help bring in more guests and the income they need but that isn’t going to happen with all the noise coming from their new neighbor.

Clay Hawthorne had a good buddy in the military with him that didn’t make it home so he has a dream now of honoring his friend by opening a bar in his hometown, Blue Cedar Falls. Clay knew that the town may not be overly welcoming with his dream of a bar on mainstreet but he’s ready to take on the town’s business association to make his friend’s and now his dream come true. What Clay didn’t expect was June Wu who showed up on his doorstep.

The Inn on Sweetbriar Lane by Jeannie Chin had all the ingredients to be a lovely contemporary romance but this one fell a little short in my opinion. I loved the small town and could just picture the ruffled feathers in some of the residents and should have fallen in love with the romance too however the author went a little too far with making an “enemy” in Clay to fit the trope in my opinion. The guy just started off a jerk and after that I just couldn’t fall into rooting for him despite the heartbreaking story that should have warmed him to me making this one turn into a just so-so story by the end.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

Jeannie Chin writes contemporary small-town romances. She draws on her experiences as a biracial Asian and Caucasian American to craft #OwnVoices stories that speak to a uniquely American experience. She is a former high school science teacher, wife to a geeky engineer, and mom to an extremely talkative preschooler. Her hobbies include crafting, reading and running.

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One Comment on “The Inn on Sweetbriar Lane (Blue Cedar Falls #1) by Jeannie Chin #bookreview #contemporary #romance

  1. I was excited about this , based entirely on the cover – I’m a sucker for a pretty cover – but then I saw your 3 stars. And guess what my neighbours name is . . . that’s right – June Wu!❤📚


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