In the Company of Witches (Evenfall Witches B&B #1) by Auralee Wallace #bookreview #mystery #paranormal

Title: In the Company of Witches

Author: Auralee Wallace

Publisher: Berkley

Publication Date: October 19, 2021

Page Count: 336

My rating: 4 stars

About the book:

When a guest dies in the B&B she helps her aunts run, a young witch must rely on some good old-fashioned investigating to clear her aunt’s name in this magical and charming new cozy mystery.

For four hundred years, the Warren witches have used their magic to quietly help the citizens of the sleepy New England town of Evenfall thrive. There’s never been a problem they couldn’t handle. But then Constance Graves–a local known for being argumentative and demanding–dies while staying at the bed and breakfast Brynn Warren maintains with her aunts. At first, it seems like an accident…but it soon becomes clear that there’s something more sinister at work, and Aunt Nora is shaping up to be the prime suspect.

There’s nothing Brynn wants more than to prove Nora’s innocence, and it hurts her to know that even two years ago that might have been easier. Brynn, after all, is a witch of the dead–a witch who can commune with ghosts. Ghosts never remember much about their deaths, but Constance might remember something about her life that would help crack the case. But Brynn hasn’t used her powers since her husband died, and isn’t even sure she still can. Brynn will just have to hope that her aunts’ magic and her own investigative skills will lead her to answers–and maybe back to the gift she once thought herself ready to give up forever.

In the Company of Witches by Auralee Wallace is the first book in the new paranormal cozy Evenfall Witches B&B mystery series. As with most cozy mystery series each book in this series will feature it’s own mystery to be solved within so they can be read as a standalone or in any order if choosing to do so. There is character development that will carry over from book to book for those that follow the series from the beginning.

Brynn Warren comes from the long line of Warren witches who have been in Evenfall, Connecticut for the last four hundred years. Brynn helps run her family bed and breakfast with her two aunts who of course also practice witchcraft. Brynn though has decided that after the death of the love of her life that she will give up her magic but has yet to tell her aunts.

The trio are now dealing with a very demanding guest, Constance Graves, at their B&B. Constance had rented out the entire B&B during her stay while she has work done on her own home in town but Brynn and her aunts are beginning to wonder if they made a mistake letting her stay. However, when a thump comes from Constance’s room and the ladies find her dead they really regret the choice as Brynn’s aunt becomes a suspect in what seems to be Constance’s murder.

As a huge fan of all different types of books and really a fan of mixing genres in my reading I knew I had to try this new series when I saw In the Company of Witches by Auralee Wallace. What we have here is your normal cozy mystery taken in the paranormal direction with the characters being witches. This of course gave a whole new avenue to the ‘sleuthing’ you would normally have in a cozy with some nice spells to help along the way. After really enjoying this opener with these new characters I will definitely be interested in coming back for round two to see what the ladies conjure up next.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

Auralee Wallace is the author of multiple novels, including the Otter Lake mystery series. She has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in English literature, and she worked in the publishing industry for a number of years before teaching at the college level. She lives in Ottawa with her family.

She can be found on Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, and her website

Auralee is represented by Natalie Lakosil, Bradford Literary Agency.

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