Halloween is coming… Let’s Jam!!!

Of course one of my favorite things at Halloween is the haunted houses which brings this song to mind.

Song #13 Whodini – The Haunted House Of Rock


Welcome to the place where all the creatures meet
The last building to your left on a dead-end street
You’ll find skeleton bones outside on the pavement
And torture chambers down in the basement
Cobwebs hangin’ over your head
And music bein’ played by the Grateful Dead
And spinnin’ on the turntables back to back
Is no other than my main man Wolfman Jack
The M.C. of the night rappin’ to the tunes
Was the creature from the Black Lagoon
There’s a sign on the door that can’t be missed
It reads: “Enter… But at your own risk”
‘Cause people seen reported goin’ in the haunted house
But never again seen comin’ out
You ask me if it’s true
I’ll leave it up to you
Here’s an invite
I hope I see you tonight

We sent out invitations for weeks and weeks
We invited in all kinds of creeps
Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The Addams family and the monster five
The Invisible Man
Where could he be? We know he got inside the party free
One of these days they’re gonna catch him red-handed
If not for sneakin’ in free
For being a booty bandit
The bartender was cute
But kinda hairy
And Dracula was killin’ those Bloody Marys
He got drunk as a skunk
And started trouble all night
But everybody knew his bark was bigger than his bite
It was the only place for you to be
The first 200 witches in the party were free
And all was well until the clock struck 12
Everybody jumped up and started raisin’ hell

They were screaming
They were breakin’
They were foaming at the mouth
Just minor side effects of the haunted house
You’ll have haunted dreams all in your sleep
You’ll be tossin’ and turnin’ to the funky beat
Frankenstein was there with some crazy looking chick
I think she said her name was “Voodoo on a stick”
She had a big fat head and a skinny body
I wouldn’t be caught with her alone
There is none at a party
Igor was there with the monster crew
I seen everybody there except you
Why didn’t you come?
Weren’t you prepared?
Or could it be that you were scared?
It’s just not fair that you couldn’t be there
Because you really missed a lot, I’m tellin’ you
We really brought the place down at the haunted house of rock!

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